LIVESTREAM: How to Watch CrossFit Semifinals North America East & Africa

After much waiting, the CrossFit Semifinals are finally here. Check out how to watch the CrossFit Semifinals this weekend: the North America East, in Orlando (Florida) and the Rebel Renegade Games in Johannesburg, Africa.

Here is everything you need to know about the first weekend of CrossFit Semifinals and how to watch them.

2023 CrossFit Semifinals – How to Watch

North America East

  • When – May 18-21
  • Where – Orlando, Florida (USA)

How to Watch

The events will be televised for free on CrossFit’s Youtube channel, on their homepage and through the app.





Who is Competing?

Now that CrossFit has cut down from 4 to 2 in the number of Semifinals in North America, the amount of elite CrossFit athletes competing is one more reason to keep an eye out for this event.

Some of the best of the best will be side-by-side in Orlando this Thursday. Here are some of the names you will be seeing on the competition floor:

  • Women – Brooke Wells, Emma Cary, Emma Lawson, Danielle Brandon, Amanda Barnhart.
  • Men – Jeffrey Adler, Dallin Pepper, Noah Ohlsen, Roman Khrennikov, Saxon Panchik, Samuel Cournoyer.

Both winners of this year’s CrossFit Open will be on the floor: Mal O’Brien and Jeff Adler.

UPDATE: Mal O’Brien announced on Tuesday evening that she won’t be competing at Semifinals.

Rebel Renegade Games – Africa

The African CrossFit Semifinal this year is being hosted by the Rebel Renegade Games. The competition, however, starts a day after the one from North America East.

  • When – May 19-21
  • Where – Johannesburg, South Africa

How to Watch

The livestream will be available at Rebel Renegade Games YouTube channel.




Who is Competing

Here are all the participants expected to show up in South Africa this weekend to fight for an invitation to the CrossFit Games (scroll to the second photo).

How Many Athletes Will Receive an Invitation After the Semifinals?

BOXROX went into depth about how many invitations each Semifinal will have available for its competitors.

In short, these are the cutlines for this weekend:

  • North America East – 11 (women) and 12 (men)
  • Africa – 1 (woman) and 1 (man)

Are you excited for this weekend’s turn of events?

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