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OFFICIAL 2023 CrossFit Open Winners: Jeff Adler and Mal O’Brien

This is the second time each athlete has won the CrossFit Open.

The results are now official! Jeff Adler and Mal O’Brien have been confirmed as the 2023 CrossFit Open winners after 3 weeks of tests.

This was the Open’s 13th edition. The CrossFit Open is a three-week online fitness competition that unites the worldwide CrossFit community. It marks the beginning of the season and is the first step towards qualifying for the CrossFit Games.

The Open this year ran from February 16th through March 6th. Workouts were released weekly every Thursday. There is a total of 37 divisions (based on age, gender, and ability).

After three intense weeks of anticipation and working out, Canadian athlete Jeff Adler and superstar youngster Mal O’Brien have come out on top of the leaderboard in the men’s and women’s divisions, respectively.

Winners of CrossFit Open Workout 23.1

Overall Winners of CrossFit Open Workout 23.2

Jeff Adler and Mal O’Brien are 2023 CrossFit Open Winners

Although the workouts were the same for both divisions, the women’s category was much fiercer than the men’s. While the 10th placement in the men’s division finished with 693 points, the women’s 10th placement got 376 points.

Both Jeff Adler and Mal O’Brien have previously won the CrossFit Open in their careers.

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Canadian athlete Jeff Adler has come out on top of the leaderboard after 3 weeks of events. With 108 points, he finished more than 110 points ahead of 2nd placed Tola Morakinyo.

Adler won 23.2, which catapulted him to the top of the leaderboard after the second week. Adler won his first Open ever in 2021, alongside Tia-Clair Toomey.

Here are some of Jeff Adler’s CrossFit numbers:

  • Last CrossFit Games placement: 5th
  • Best CrossFit Games placement: 5th (2020, 2022)
  • CrossFit Games appearances: 4
  • Worldwide Ranking System placement: 6th
  • Best CrossFit Open placement: 1st (2021, 2023)

Below is the final top 10 worldwide ranking in the men’s division.

Top 10 Worldwide – Men

1Jeff Adler108Canada
2Tola Morakinyo220USA
3Colten Mertens368USA
4Tyler Christophel376USA
5Roldan Goldbaum527Mexico
6Samuel Cournoyer620Canada
7Ricky Garard634Australia
8Dallin Pepper657USA
9Reggie Fasa669U.K.
10Cam Crockett680USA

Check out the entire leaderboard here.

crossfit athlete mal o'brien

Mal O’Brien has done it again. She has won the CrossFit Open back to back. With the final results, O’Brien got 115 points while Paige Powers closed in 2nd with 136 points.

Much like Adler, O’Brien also was the winner of one individual event worldwide this CrossFit Open: the 23.2A.

The American athlete is the new rising star of the Sport in the women’s division. The 19-year-old athlete was the youngest ever to win a CrossFit Games event two years ago, the same year she won the rookie of the year award. She is currently the 2nd Fittest Woman on Earth and with Tia Clair-Toomey’s pregnancy keeping her out of competing, there is a high chance O’Brien could take the title for herself this year.

Here are some of Mal O’Brien’s CrossFit numbers:

  • Last CrossFit Games placement: 2nd
  • Best CrossFit Games placement: 2nd
  • CrossFit Games appearances: 4 (two times as a teenager)
  • Worldwide Ranking System placement: 3rd
  • Best CrossFit Open placement: 1st (2022, 2023)

Below is the final top 10 worldwide ranking in the women’s division.

Top 10 Worldwide – Women

1Mal O’Brien115USA
2Paige Powers136USA
3Emma Lawson187Canada
4Arielle Loewen244USA
5Alex Gazan274USA
6Brooke Wells290USA
7Elena Carratala Sanahuja297Spain
8Amanda Barnhart300USA
9Ellie Turner316Australia
10Zoe Warren360USA

Check out the entire leaderboard here.

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