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Jacob Heppner Advice for CrossFit Open Workout 20.2

Overview: it’s a pacing workout, you need to go in with a plan. Whether that’s the goal of rounds you think you want or the time you know you can keep per round and not blow up.

Approach this workout by trying to lower your heart rate as much as possible.


It’s only four of them, they should be unbroken.

Set your dumbbells down nicely, that way you know where you left them for the next round. Dropping them from height and risking them roll around it’s going to be a pain to set them up again for the next round.


There are two good ways to do toes-to-bar: the “gymnastics” big arch way and the short swing with a quick kick to the top of the bar way. The differences between them are the speed of rep; the gymnastics kick is longer whilst the kick quick is quicker per rep.

Think, what have you practiced and what are you going to blow up at? While the quick kick is faster, it’s sometimes hard to keep up for a longer time.

toes to bar open 20.2Source: squats and pixels


The double unders should be unbroken. If you can keep your hands close and tight that’s the most efficient way of doing them.

Double unders should be a rest movement, that’s where you get in your deep breaths in, even if that means you have to go slower. Here’s where you conserve your time and keep your heart rate low.

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