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Justine Beath Disqualified from The 2018 CrossFit Games

Justine Beath failed to meet the minimum work requirement for The Battleground Event at the CrossFit Games, as a result she has been disqualified from The 2018 CrossFit Games. 

Athletes were required to complete the entire obstacle course in order to meet the minimum requirements. 

Statement from Justine Beath

“Well that’s a wrap for me….

To fail publicly then be cut on the biggest stage there is in this sport, on the SECOND day of competition after training as hard as I could, being in the best shape physically and mentally is not something i had ever thought about.

In a way It would be easier if I had an excuse or reason that prevented me completing the event.

But I don’t. No injury, nothing to blame, I just struggled- really struggled.

Thankfully, my body is intact – However my ego bruised AF and heart broken.??

So grateful to all of the people who have supported and loved me along the way. More to come…. leaving this here for now xx”


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