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9 Kettlebell Exercises to Build Strength and Conditioning for CrossFit Athletes

Want better mobility, a more powerful engine, increased grip strength and enhanced full body and core strength? Then add kettlebell exercises into your training.

8. Kettlebell Exercises – Around The World

To turn the weight round the body, or just the head works your core and shoulders.

Three types of rounds you can make around your body.

  1. Around the head

Hold onto the sides of the kettlebell and have it upside down in front of you. Use only the arms, don’t sway the head away and go around the head, while turning the kettlebell. It is supposed to be bottom down behind you.

Try doing 10 rounds each way.

2. Around the waist.

Swing the kettlebell around your whole body while changing hands.

  • Begin standing, holding the kettlebell with the left hand
  • Swing it behind
  • The left hand takes it
  • Brings it in front.
  • There you change hands again.

Keep your body steady the whole time, let the core fight against the movement.

3. Around the legs

Swing the kettlebell in between the legs and change hand there.

  • Begin standing up with width stance, holding the kettlebell in one hand
  • Bend the knees like your are performing a regular swing
  • Instead of flexing the hips to bring the kettlebell up, catch is behind the legs with the other hand
  • Bring the kettlebell back in front and go under your thigh and catch it again.

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