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Kratos Workout – Build Strength Like the God of War

He might be a fictional character, but you can build muscle like him.

Kratos is the God of War. The fictional character from the popular video game might not exist, but you can build godly strength like him. We present you the Kratos Workout.

Yes, we know, Kratos is not a real person, so how can you work out like a playable character from a video game? Well, it’s not us, BOXROX, saying you can train like him, but rather Adam Sinicki.

Sinicki is known online as “The Bioneer.” He is a health and fitness writer, and a personal trainer and has gathered more than 600 thousand subscribers on his YouTube Channel.

Sinicki combines unconventional training with functional fitness to come up with complete workouts that most people wouldn’t think of. And this is where the Kratos workout comes from. Check it out.

The Kratos Workout

The God of War himself obviously lift heavy weights to have the physique he has and some ideas of this Kratos workout come from powerbuilding, a combination of powerlifting with bodybuilding.

“The way you do this is you lift extremely heavy weights using the main powerlifting moves, the big three at the start of your workout, and as you move on, you shift towards more isolation work, higher rep ranges, slightly lighter weights. That way, you get the strength building and the hypertrophy within a single workout.”

Kratos also needs functional strength because he is fighting massive creatures, he swings his gigantic axe around. One way to do that is to use the heavy hammer weights. “This way we are building multi-planar strength, grip strength, learning to grip onto things that are awkward in shape, so we’re combining this with high rep ranges.”

The Kratos workout is not about building your max strength, but rather increasing your strength and your endurance at the same time to be able to perform at a very high level over and over again.

kratos workoutSource: Tima Miroshnichenko / Pexels

Here is the full Kratos workout, the God of War.

  • Log/human/sandbag/ military press – 3 sets of 4
  • Landmine deadlifts – 3 sets of 4
  • Squats (using weight or log) – 3 sets of 6
  • Floor press (using weight or log) – 3 sets of 6
  • Alternating landmine scissor lunge press – 3 sets of 10
  • Bulgarian bag swing/kettlebell halos – 3 sets of 10
  • Log landmine curl – 2 sets of 8
  • Atlas swing – 3 sets of 10
  • Pull-ups – 3 sets of 10
  • Push-ups – 3 sets of 50
  • Farmer’s walk – 3 sets of 200 metres
  • Car Push – 3 sets of 200 metres

“You could also include a bodyweight row on a tree branch to get some horizontal pulling (or some kind of sled pull). Or, alternatively, bent rows with kettlebells or a log. You could also put in Cossack squats, for something in the frontal plane.”

And that is Adam Sinicki’s take on what would a Kratos workout look like. If you want to train like the God of War from the video game and see more explanation of why each exercise is part of this workout, click on the video below.

VIDEO – Kratos Workout

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