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Meet the Athlete Advisory Council that will Give Competitors a New Voice Within CrossFit HQ

As announced during last week’s first Community Town Hall, an Athlete Advisory Council has been created by CrossFit to get “insight and input from athletes on the wide range of issues affecting the sport.”

“For the sport of CrossFit to continue to grow and succeed, all of its stakeholders must be engaged, committed, and heard,” reads the press release with the announcement.

The founding members of CrossFit’s first Athlete Advisory Council are:

  • Annie Thorisdottir: Two-time Fittest Woman on Earth, 11-time CrossFit Games individual qualifier, owner of CrossFit Reykjavík
  • Meredith Root: 30th overall at the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games, four CrossFit Regionals appearances, five years as a CrossFit coach, biological engineer
  • Neal Maddox: Eight CrossFit Games appearances (individual competitor from 2010-2015, masters competitor in 2017 and 2018), 2018 CrossFit Games Masters 40-44 champion, owner of X-Treme Athletics
  • James Hobart: Eight CrossFit Games appearances (three as an individual competitor, five on a team), member of three CrossFit Affiliate Cup championship teams, co-owner of CrossFit ONE Nation

“The CrossFit Games has grown into an ecosystem involving hundreds of athletes, judges, and partners. Working closely with those various stakeholders will allow our sport to reach new heights,” said Justin Bergh, General Manager of the CrossFit Games. “In addition to speaking with individual competitors and groups of athletes, we’ve established the Athlete Advisory Council to tap into the deep experience of some of our most respected athletes. We have already begun engaging with them to make our first online/in-person event a success.”

Additional athletes are set to be added to the advisory council in the coming months.

The council is set to provide input and vital insight around:

  • Judging
  • Scoring
  • Appeals
  • Further topics for the two upcoming stages of the Games
  • Future rulebook changes
  • Competition formats

CrossFit announced it would also continue to engage directly with individual athletes, affiliates, sponsored events, other stakeholders, and the PFAA.

CrossFit Games to Take Place Online, Top Five to Then Compete In-Person

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