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The Brutal Programming behind the 2016 Regionals Events


For time:

  • 1,000-m bike
  • 100-ft. handstand walk
  • 10 overhead squats
  • 500-m row
  • 50 burpee box jump overs
  • 5 overhead squats

M  225 lb./ 102kg    F  155 lb./ 70kg

Time cap – 16:00

Event 6 is finally a workout to just work through. No rounds, no return, just struggle for struggle.

It’s a mean mix of endurance, gymnastics and strong core stability for the OHS.


Start slow, don´t go off too fast. Do not go wild with the bike and the row and burn yourself out.

As seen in the video, Khan Porter split his Handstand walk up and took a short rest, this allowed him to then snatch the weight and cut off some time for the OHS.

Hold your fire through the first 40 burpees box jumps, because the last 10 will be double the height, for women even three times as high.


For time:

  • 21 thrusters
  • 3 legless rope climbs
  • 15 thrusters
  • 2 legless rope climbs
  • 9 thrusters
  • 1 legless rope climb

M  95 lb./43kg   F  65 lb./ 29,5kg

Time cap: 6:00

The final Event of the Regionals will destroy your hands! The mix of Thrusters and Rope climbs will not only make you breathe heavily but it is also an extreme challenge for your grip strength.



21-15-9 Thrusters. Sounds familiar, you cannot build a big advantage here. But you win or lose with the rope climbs. Jump as high as you can to prevent as much as possible those exhausting pulls. Take your time if you feel the power is gone. A no rep is much more painful and will punish you by sapping away strength and time.


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