How To Scale A Muscle Up: 6 Videos From Gymnastics Experts

It`s also a gymnastic skill, which consists of a pull up, the transition and a dip, all combined into one movement. And one exercise we all want to master one day. But keep in mind that basic strength foundation and stability should be built first: especially with strict movements (not just kipping).

You might not be able to the muscle ups just yet, but you also don’t have to completely say “good bye” to them as there are also ways to scale them.

We searched for videos from famous coaches and athletes showing different ways to scale or improve a muscle up.

1. Sean Lind: use a box

What Sam Briggs and Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet have in common beside The CrossFit Games crowns? Sean Lind. Sean is a gymnastics coach, former circus acrobat and a Crossfit athlete. In the following video he presents a way to scale a muscle up using a box.

You can follow Sean on Instagram @seancarllind.

 2. Carl Paoli: use a band

Carl Paoli is a movement expert specializing in strength and conditioning for Crossfit, gymnastics and action sports. In the video below he shows another way to scale a muscle up using an elastic band. Put it over the rings, holding it with your hands, place it behind you and sit back on it. See the whole how-to below:

Follow Carl on Instagram: @carlpaoli

3. NorCal CrossFit Team: feet on floor or jumping MUs

Jason Khalipa, Miranda Oldroyd and Rusty Bruner from NorCal CrossFit show two possible options to scale a muscle up. First one, setting the ring height lower and using the floor as an assistance (would be best as a warm up and/or appropriate for beginners still working on building the basic stability and strength). Second one is a progression into a jumping muscle up, but make sure your dips are strong enough to safely help you through those MUs.

More: NorCal CrossFit official website

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