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11 Pull Up Variations Every Athlete Needs to Know

7. Kipping Pull Up

This “cheat” derives from a powerful and athletic reversal of hip direction — like that of the clean and the snatch — and expands the primary movers from just the back and arms down through the torso and hip to include the power zone.

Far from being a cheat, kipping is a gateway skill with functional utility on the rings, parallel bars, high bar, and floor (the quickest way to get to your feet). Where most athletic communities avoid the kip, the CrossFit community go to great lengths to teach and learn it.

8. Butterfly Pull Up Variations

In a conventional kipping Pull Up you would push yourself back and away from the bar in order to then achieve a big and powerful arch in the bottom position.

On the other hand the Butterfly technique requires the athlete to essentially pull themselves directly into the arch position as they come down from the previous rep.

This cuts on the “transition” time but it can be very tricky to learn and to understand the correct timing necessary to string multiple reps together.

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