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Strength in Depth 2015 – Bigger and Better

When we set off last year with the bold ambition of becoming Europe’s pre-eminent large-team format fitness competition we had no idea what to expect.

What followed was quite extraordinary. Over 75 teams from across Europe, including many legendary outfits, threw their hat in the ring. The three qualifier tests were fiercely battled at locations across multiple countries. For those that fell short of the Top 30 there was pride and camaraderie in all efforts expelled. For those that made the cut, well that was something else. The SiD14 Final, at the Bath University Sports Village in early December 2014, blew us all away with the teamwork and athletic prowess on display. We asked a load of you for feedback at the time and it was generous. Almost to a person, athlete and spectator alike, the message was “we are recommending to others and certainly coming back ourselves!”.

So, after we dusted ourselves down, we put on our thinking caps to work out how we make SiD15 even bigger and better!

What we have planned now builds on the SiD14 format as follows:

  • The first stage is to just register your team’s interest for free: between now and Sat 28 Feb 2200hrs GMT.
  • We will then take these teams and place them into six European regional leagues. Each league (dependent on number of teams) will be awarded a certain number of SiD15 Final slots, which will go to highest placed teams after the qualifiers conclude.
  • We will announce this league composition on Sunday 29 March after which team captains can start building their sides and registering formally with payment.
  • This year, we have also decided that team squads can be any size and, from SiD14 experience, strongly recommend that captains sign up at least an additional four athletes over and above the core team of 12 to allow for injury and availability during the SiD15 season.
  • It should also be noted that all athletes in the team squad can partake in Qualifier 01 (pairs-based) and Qualifier 02 (team of four based) as for both challenges, the top sub-unit scores (making up a legitimate team of 12) will be the score taken onto the Leaderboard.

So what now?

Well for now you just need to fill in a simple form telling us how many teams your club will be entering. You can go to the form here.

If you are returning team, it will be great to have you back. If this is your first year, welcome to SiD!

Spread the word! The search for the fittest team in Europe 2015 starts now.

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