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Throwback: Greg Glassman Regrets Teaching Kipping Pull-Ups in CrossFit Workouts

Greg Glassman: “If I was starting over, I would devalue the kipping pull-up and let it occur naturally. People that can’t do strict pull-ups and are trying to kip are wrong.”


Here is Greg Glassman’s angle on the kipping pull up. This fascinating interview took place with Lewis Howes, and the pair discuss a wide variety of topics relating to CrossFit and fitness. 

Greg Glassman: “The kip comes naturally as a whole body movement”

He emphasises the kip as a natural progression (not a gymnastic movement) that occurs over time as an athlete progresses to a level where they are able to perform a higher amount of pull ups. 

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Greg Glassman is a former gymnast that started training individuals throughout the 1970s. In 1995, he opened his first gym. Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai founded CrossFit, Inc. in 2000. The company was conceived a few years earlier, in 1996, as Cross-Fit. The original CrossFit gym is in Santa Cruz, California, and the first affiliated gym was CrossFit North in Seattle, Washington.

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