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15 Brutal Thruster WOD Challenges to Destroy your Weaknesses


21-15-9 Reps For Time

  • Thrusters (95/65 lb)
  • Pull-Ups

Perform the 21 Thrusters and 21 Pull-Ups, then 15 Thrusters and 15 Pull-Ups, then 9 Thrusters and 9 Pull-Ups, as fast as possible.

Score is the time it takes to complete all 90 reps.

Good Times for “Fran” (source)
– Beginner: 7-9 minutes
– Intermediate: 6-7 minutes
– Advanced: 4-6 minutes
– Elite: <3 minutes

Tips and Strategy

Prior to “3…2…1…GO!” pick a tough (yet realistic) rep scheme that allows you to go fast. If unbroken sets isn’t appropriate for your fitness level yet, try this: Break the sets of 21 into 3 sets of 7 reps; break the sets of 15 into 2 sets of 8 and 7 respectively; and go unbroken on the sets of 9. Rest minimally during breaks.

Intended Stimulus

“Fran” should be fast and light. During the WOD, you should (at least once) wonder why the hell you agreed to this.


This WOD is meant to feel light, fast, and evoke pain—the good kind of pain. Both the thrusters and pull-ups should be done in large or unbroken sets. Scale the movements so you can go FAST—sets of two and three repetitions won’t get your lungs/legs/arms burning in the way they were intended to burn for this WOD.

Thrusters (75/55 lb)

Dumbbell Thrusters (2×15/10 lb)
Ring Rows


5 Rounds for Time

  • 9 Thrusters (95/65 lb)
  • 9 Pull-Ups
press strength exercisesSource: RX'd Photography
Lock that lift out!


15-12-9 Reps For Time

  • Thrusters (135/95 lb)
  • Weighted Pull-Ups (45/30 lb)

For weighted pull-ups place a dumbbell between the legs or wear a belt with a kettlebell (1.5/1 pood) between the legs. Or use a weight vest.

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