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Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr Wins the 2022 CrossFit Games for Historic Sixth Individual Victory

Tia-Clair makes her mark in CrossFit History.

Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr has won the 2022 CrossFit Games and has been crowned Fittest Woman in the World.

This makes her the first CrossFit Games Individual athlete in history to ever win six individual titles.

  • Annie Thorisdottir and Katrin Davidsdottir each won two
  • Rich Froning claimed four individual titles
  • The hard work of Mat Fraser earned him five

But Tia-Clair is the first to win six.

Event 13 – Jackie Pro

For time:

1,000-m row
50 thrusters
30 bar muscle-ups

Women: 65 lb
Men: 95 lb

Over on the Men’s side, Justin Medeiros managed to stay consistent, finish strong and defend his title.

In the final event in the female individual division, Slovak athlete Karin Freyova was powerful and fast paced through the first heat. She beat off the other competitors and won the heat.

Haley Adams chased Brit Lucy Campbell through the workout, but the UK national managed to hold off the American Mayhem athlete.

In the final heat, Horvath , Toomey-Orr, O’Brien, Wells, Brandon and Lawson all rowed with consistency and confidence.

Horvath set a blistering pace through the thrusters. Kara Saunders won the heat.

As Tia crossed the finish line. She embraced her family and Shane, her coach and husband.

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