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11 Types of Athletes You Find at the Box

Our second home, our playground, our box. It’s the one place where different types of athletes meet daily, and train, suffer, cry, smile and finish workouts together.

These Types of Athletes show you all the different people that love CrossFit.

Deep research into the box members’ structure showed us the diversity our sport is known for. Have a look at what types of athletes we usually found in the average box.

Types of Athletes – Which One are You?

1. The Box Kitten

Sweet, nice and happy.

Those are the most popular members you want to be around 24/7. They make us smile and always feel welcomed. Box is their second home and their favourite playground. They adore the social side of Crossfit. Competitive? Not at all. They would always sacrifice their own score in order to help a friend.


2. The Snowmen

Name says it all! This guys love chalk. Lots of it. You see fog, clouds and white storms. Basically they take the use of chalk to a whole new level. Chalk on their fists, shoulders, chest, quads… everywhere.

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3. Types of Athletes – The Gentle Beasts

If you wonder where all the plates are, look no further. Listen! Follow the loud screams all the way to the lifting platform and you’ll find them. Brutal MetCons, big weights, killer looks, tattoos and lots of calories to replenish.

The Beasts, the chosen ones, the events’ winners. Don’t be blinded by the lifting rage though, those athletes turn into gentle, lovable creatures right after they step out of the box.

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4. Types of Athletes – The Froning Fans

There’s only one Rich. We all know that. But he has a lot of fans. Manly beard, the colour black and two other very important items: black glasses and a black headband! And a really sweet personality.


5. The WOD Newbies

Big eyes, signature shocking facial expressions and the look of confusion. Those people have just experienced their first ever MetCon and are trying to figure out what happened. Crossfit happened! Their lives will never be the same again.

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6. Types of Athletes – The Selfie People

They might walk up to you and ask for a helping hand: to film their big lift. But more often they’ll just put the phone on a box or bench, support it with a little 1.25 kg plate and do a workout video selfie. Facebook, Instagram and smartphones – their best buddies!


7. The Tough Judges

Do you know this feeling, when you ask a mate to judge your qualifier video and he takes the whole thing really seriously? Well, these guys. Lots of no reps and lots of determination “Whaaaat!? It’s a no rep!”.

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8. The Golden Masters

Let’s have a closer look at the definition: “a person eminently skilled in something, as an occupation, art, or science“. Or competitive fitness in our case! Those 40+ athletes we, the youngsters can’t measure up to! Iron mind, lion’s heart and the love for our community.


9. The Small Power Packages

Tiny, cute and quiet at first, but whole lot of power, explosiveness and strength when the clock starts ticking. They are determined and they are successful.  You’ll see them on podiums with medals around their neck and a naughty look “I told you I’m going to win this thing.”.


10. The Crossfit Moms

Respect! All we can say. Those Crossfit women are simply amazing. Jobs, children and a commitment to train hard. Definitely the most inspiring athletes out there.


11. The Wounded Warriors

You tried to warn them, but had no success. Bloody shins, bruised quads, torn fists and painful backs. But no worries, sooner or later we all learn our lessons and slow down. We quiet our inner voices and start listening to our coaches instead.


Which ones did we miss?

So, which one are you?

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