17 Year Old Snatches 131 kg (291 lb) at The CrossFit Games and Beats Mat Fraser’s Lift!

17 year old Guilherme Malheiros is an 83 kg Athlete from Brazil. He can also compete with some of the top Individual Male Athletes in The CrossFit Games!

E aí galera, o que acharam da primeira prova?🤔😁 #GuiNoGames #TeamMalheiros #GamesBound 🎥 @boilerchannel 😂😂😂

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Just to put this into perspective, here are the results from The Male Individual 1RM Snatch Event:

  1. Garret Fisher – 305 lb / 138 kg
  2. Tommy Vinas – 302 lb / 137 kg
  3. Brent Fikowski – 300 lb / 136 kg
  4. Elijah EZ Muhammad – 297 lb / 135 kg
  5. Mat Fraser – 291 lb / 131 kg
  6. Ben Smith – 290 lb / 13o.5 kg
  7. Ricky Garard – 287 lb / 130 kg
  8. Jason Smith – 287 lb / 130 kg
  9. BK Gudmundsson – 286 lb / 129.5 kg
  10. Samuel Kwant – 285 lb / 129 kg

He's 17. @crossfitbrazil

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I'm READY. . . . @crossfitgames #GuiNoGames #CrossfitGames #GuiMalheiros #TeamMalheiros

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