20 Signs You are a CrossFit Addict

‘Obsession is a word that the lazy use to describe the dedicated.’

Addictions are usually not associated with something positive. On the fun side, though, we have compiled a list of signs that show you are a CrossFit Addict.

Being a CrossFit addict can be taken lightly and with humour, even though some of your friends think you are secretly part of a cult.

Check out these 20 signs that prove you are a CrossFit addict. How many of them are you guilty of?

Signs You Are a CrossFit Addict

1 You feel strangely drawn to performing handstands and pull ups on objects all around you.

This especially applies to walking under scaffolding, it always feels like there might be time to practice a few muscle ups.

2 You have posted at least one CrossFit related Meme on social media in the last month.

Look familiar?
Look familiar?

3 Rest days make you anxious.

It takes more willpower to rest than it takes energy to go to the Box.

4 You stay up later than you planned, constantly refreshing your BOX website to see if tomorrows WOD has been posted yet.

Why haven’t they posted it yet?

5 You have taken, and shared, a photo of your ripped hands on facebook.

And it got the respect it deserved!

6 The word ‘Wall Balls’ can ruin your entire day.

It WILL ruin your legs though!

7 You are rightly proud of your bruised shins, double under whip marks and calloused hands.

They are badges of honour after all.

8 You sometimes find yourself practicing Olympic lifts with a broom or other household objects.

At the end of these impromptu lifting technique sessions, you could have sworn that you were meant to be doing something else, but can’t remember what it was.

9 At the Gym, you were only there for an hour but will still changed your shoes twice or more.

Well, good lifts require the correct shoes right?

Signs You Are a CrossFit Addict

10 Your facebook profile picture contains a lot of sweat, chalk, a barbell, maybe some rings and possibly even a snarl!

And it looks great!

11 Taking your shirt off definitely makes you faster and stronger.

CrossFit addict
Working out with no shirt must make us faster right? (Nero RX’d Photography)

12 You talk and think in acronyms. Tomorrow will include an AMRAP WOD involving OHS, HSPU and GHD.

A part of you can’t understand why everyone doesn’t talk like this?

13 Sometimes when you drive, you unconsciously hook grip the steering wheel.

Practice makes perfect after all.

14 There are many, many opportunities to recruit all your friends and family into CrossFit, and you make use of them all.

Why not? You know that they would enjoy it.

15 All the stresses of your life are focused into the Box and destroyed during each WOD.

Isn’t it great that CrossFit is much cheaper than therapy?

16 You strongly believe that Cavemen had much better diets that the junk that half the contemporary world stuffs down its throat.

And you are probably right.

Paleo Peach Cobbler
Paleo Peach Cobbler

17 If a WOD doesn’t leave you feeling sore the next day, then you secretly feel a bit cheated.

Although this soon passes and turns into motivation for your next WOD.

18 Most of what you drink comes from a shaker.

You may also find the sound of the shaker shaking incredibly satisfying.

19 You have on at least one occasion, probably more, demonstrated the correct form for squats or burpees to co-workers.

At least they won’t make any more mistakes from now on!

20 Your perfect partner really needs to be into CrossFit as well

TandemDeadlifts (photo by Nero RX'd Photography)Source: RX'd Photography
TandemDeadlifts (photo by Nero RX’d Photography)

How many of these signs resonated with you? Do you consider yourself a CrossFit addict?

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