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Details Released for Mayhem Madness, Froning’s CrossFit Team Competition

Mayhem Madness is a team-only competition run by the defending Fittest Team on Earth, Mayhem Freedom.

The competition was born with the intention to provide a proving ground for all the teams qualified to the 2020 CrossFit Games which will no longer be able to compete, and showcase the hard work these teams invested into training.

Mayhem Madness is scheduled to take place in Cookeville, TN (and the surrounding areas), between August 2 and 9.

“We hope also, that it uplifts, inspires and entertains you – the fans – during strange and uncertain times,” Rich Froning posted on Instagram.

Here are all the details:



Mayhem Madness will be comprised of six competition days, with two days of work followed by a rest day.

Four teams will be cut every second day, with all 12 teams competing on the first two days, eight teams advancing to the next stage of competition and a final four teams facing off at the end.

All competition days are composed form past CrossFit Games events or similar variants and the potential workouts will be released publicly in mid-June.

The prize purse has not yet been determined.


All teams (including pre-qualified teams) are required to participate in the online qualifier for seeding purposes. Specific times and dates will be released soon.

Automatically qualified teams must accept their invitations prior to the release of the first workout.


Prizes will be awarded to the two three teams, with first place earning $3,000, second $2,000 and third $1,000.

Additional prizes and giveaways will be randomly allocated to participating teams, and neither of the Mayhem teams are eligible for any.


There will be a free live stream of the competition available, distributed through CrossFit Mayhem’s media channels.

“At this time, we are not prepared to commit to the inclusion of spectators onsite,” Rich Froning’s Instagram post read.

Follow @mayhemclassic for more updates and information.

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