2016 Timetable for the Open, Regionals and CrossFit Games

At BOXROX we keep you informed on the latest Crossfit news. Here is all the information and dates you need regarding the Open, The Regionals and The CrossFit Games. Get them in your calendar!


The beginning of the year is always an exciting time for all crossfitters, whatever your personal standard. Whether you are competing or a spectator, there is no doubt that the Crossfit season is inspirational. Watching and participating in these events will surely spur you on to push and break through your own limitations. Last year saw Ben Smith (U.S) and Katrin Davidsdottir (Iceland) top the podiums in the male and female categories at the Crossfit Games, who do you think will win this year?

STAGE 1: The Open

Five Weeks | Feb. 25 – March 28, 2016

  • 16.1: Feb. 25 – 29
  • 16.2: March 3 – 7
  • 16.3: March 10 – 14
  • 16.4 March 17 – 21
  • 16.5 March 24 – 28

Registration for the Open begins Jan. 14, 2016.

Rope climbs have been a make or break event throughout the history of the Games (image CrossFit)
Rope climbs have been a make or break event throughout the history of the Games (image CrossFit)

STAGE 2A: The Masters Qualifier

Thursday – Monday | April 21 – 25


STAGE 2B: The Regionals

Three Weekends | May 13 – 29

Weekend 1: May 13 – 15

  • California Regional | NorCal and SoCal
  • South Regional | LatAm, South Central, South West
  • Pacific Regional | Australia and Asia

Weekend 2: May 20 – 22

  • West Regional | North West and Canada West
  • Atlantic Regional | Mid Atlantic and South East

Weekend 3: May 27 – 29

  • Central Regional | Central East and North Central
  • Meridian Regional | Europe and Africa
  • East Regional | North East and Canada East


STAGE 3: The Games

One Week | July 19 – 24


Teenage and Masters Competitions

Tuesday – Thursday | July 19 – 21


Individual and Team Competitions

Wednesday – Sunday | July 20 – 24



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