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WEIGHTLIFTING TIPS – 3 Great Drills to Warm Up Your Snatch

3 Great tips from Ben at WODprep to help you raise your numbers and avoid injury when Snatching

Here are more video tutorials and articles that will help you to perfect your lift:

This first one comes from Irish Lifter Clarence Kennedy, who weighs around 100kg. Here are his stats:

  • 185kg Snatch
  • 220kg Clean and Jerk
  • 225kg Clean
  • 300kg Pause Squat
  • 340kg Deadlift

So he is a good guy to listen to when it comes to weightlifting.

Clarence Kennedy Tutorial – How To Snatch

This is a common problem so make sure you aren’t doing it:

How to Reset Your Snatch Technique – Avoid The “Stripper Pull”