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5 Common Fat Loss Mistakes With Marcus Filly

Learn how to avoid these mistakes now.

People can get obsessed with losing weight and there is a lot of information on the internet, but too much information can lead to errors. There are common fat loss mistakes and Marcus Filly has shared some of the most surprising ones and how to get back on the path of success.

Marcus Filly is a 6x CrossFit Games athlete who has developed a different kind of training that combines CrossFit style workouts with his method of “Functional Bodybuilding.” The athlete says that an individual must be in a caloric deficit to lose weight, but also that human beings are not so simple. “Short-term gains are not what we’re after,” he says.

Watch the video below in which Marcus Filly breaks down 5 common fat loss mistakes.

5 Common Fat Loss Mistakes

Mistake 1 – Too much cardio, not enough weights.

Too much cardio is the number one among common fat loss mistakes, according to Marcus Filly. When a person is in a caloric deficit and adding too much cardio the body will likely burn lean tissue to get energy, meaning you will lose muscle.

Mistake 2 – High-intensity training all the time

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, puts the body under a lot of stress. A stressed individual will start to crave sugar, salts and food that is not optimizing their energy balance equation and it will not lead to the fat loss they are chasing.

Mistake 3 – Too big a caloric deficit right out of the gates

“It should be reserved for professionals in industries where it actually impacts their job. I’m talking athletes, I’m talking actors, I’m talking people that need to do something very dramatically very quickly that they are going to get paid for.”

Fat loss Marcus Filly

Mistake 4 – Frankenfoods

Processed food marketed as healthy is likely not the best approach for fat loss. Marcus explains that the food industry knows how to make food taste better and will make you crave it more, leading to eating more calories than anticipated.

Mistake 5 – Guesstimating your caloric needs

Utilising a macro calculator online should be only the starting place. Do not try to guess how many calories you should be eating and do not guess how many calories you are actually eating daily. “You are going to need to track what you are doing, what you eat every single day,” he says. “Start tracking your food closely, monitor your activity level and then measure your progress.”

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