5 Great Techniques to Speed Up Bicep Muscle Growth

Increase your arm size.

Looking to get bigger muscles faster? Check out 5 great techniques to speed up bicep muscle growth according to a top fitness trainer.

Jeremy Ethier is a kinesiologist and fitness trainer, co-founder of Built With Science. His YouTube channel has over 4 million subscribers and he delivers clear information with sound background research.

Ethier talked in a video about how to speed up bicep muscle growth using 5 techniques you probably didn’t think about, or never even heard of. See it for yourself.

5 Great Techniques to Speed Up Bicep Muscle Growth

1. Back Training

You must remember that you will experience a lot of your biceps growth from your compound back exercises, so don’t overlook them. Having a strong back will translate into bigger biceps too.

Techniques to Speed Up Bicep Muscle GrowthSource: Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

To maximise bicep growth, train your biceps directly with 1-2 exercises after your back training routine.

2. Stretch-Mediated Hypertrophy

The stretch-mediated hypertrophy can be further broken down into three points:

  • Full range of motion on all your bicep exercises, especially at the bottom position
  • Choose bicep exercises that challenge your bicep the most in the stretched position
  • After you reach failure on your last set, perform more half reps of just the bottom part of the curl

Good options for exercises here are the incline dumbbell curl and the behind-the-body cable curl.

3. Bicep Workout Volume

Next on the list of great techniques to speed up bicep muscle growth is to, probably, not do as much bicep exercise as you think you should. Ethier recommends using 15 sets of direct bicep training as the upper limit of what you should be training, no more than that in a week.

Source: Tristan Le on Pexels

4. Feel The Pump

This is an old-school bodybuilding tip, but make sure you are feeling your biceps doing the work when you do any of your exercises. For example, think about pulling the bar or dumbbell into your body rather than just lifting the weight up.

5. Record and Overload

For muscles to grow, no matter which you pick, you must challenge them with more than they’re used to. So you need to record your overall progress and apply progressive overload constantly.

Ethier recommends picking 2-3 exercises you’ll stick with week after week. Then, whenever you do a workout, write down how much weight you used and how many reps you completed. Use those numbers as a goal to beat the next time, either with more weight added or 1 or 2 more reps.

And those are the 5 great techniques to speed up bicep muscle growth according to Jeremy Ethier. If you want a more detailed explanation of every technique, check out his video below.

VIDEO – Great Techniques to Speed Up Bicep Muscle Growth

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