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5 Tips to Lose Love Handles For Good

No more love handles!

Belly fat is incredibly stubborn, but the one on the side of your waist is even worse. Is there an effective way to lose love handles?

To lose love handles for good you can implement a few tricks on your daily life, according to Jeff Cavaliere.

Jeff Cavaliere was the head physical therapist of the New York Mets for 3 years and is now a YouTube sensation. He delivers clear information without noise on his ATHLEAN-X YouTube channel.

He shared 5 helpful tips and tricks to lose love handles for good. Check it out below.

Lose Love Handles For Good

1. Calorie Deficit

A calorie deficit is necessary to lose love handles. Losing belly fat is difficult because we do not lose fat in a specific location, but rather on the entire body and the belly is the last place humans tend to lose the unwanted fat.

Being in a calorie deficit is the first step you need to take to begin shedding that extra fat and to lose love handles.

2. Consistency

This goes together with the first tip shared above. You need to be consistent with healthy nutrition and training to begin seeing changes and say goodbye to love handles.

3. Train Your Obliques

“Anyone who has told you to avoid training the obliques has given you the wrong information,” Cavaliere explains.

The idea is not to do just ab exercises, but rather train the obliques whose main function is to rotate your body.

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4. Proper Full Range of Motion

Pay attention to how you are training your obliques. There are many ways to do Russian twist or bicycle crunches, but there is only one proper way. You need to really twist your body when performing these moves to target your obliques.

5. Do The Broomstick Twist

The Broomstick twist is an old school exercise that can help your goal to lose love handles.

This exercise fixes your body in space and then allows you to rotate from there, forcing you to perform the rotation properly without cheating (flaring your elbows in a way that it seems like you are rotating).

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