5 Uncommon Shoulder Exercises You’re Missing Out On

Shake up your training!

The shoulder press and lateral raises are the go-to exercises if you want to bulk up your shoulders, but there are many other uncommon shoulder exercises you’re probably missing out on.

The following five exercises will help you grow your delts and increase your numbers in the exercises you’re already doing.

Uncommon shoulder exercises you’re missing out on

  1. Z Press
  2. DB Scoop Press
  3. DB Cheat Laterals
  4. DB Urlacher
  5. Wraparound Rear Delt Row

Z Press

The Z Press is a seated pressing exercise that works with zero drive from the legs and core. This makes it a difficult movement that produces excellent results for dedicated athletes. It requires good hip mobility and core strength (to stabilise the load).

Dumbbell Scoop Press

The Scoop Press works your front rear delts and is one of the best shoulder exercises. It puts the elbows behind the body which allows for a stretch of the front delt. This move through the whole range of motion can help build bigger shoulders.

Dumbbell Cheat Laterals

Cheat Laterals work your middle delts and allow you to lift heavier weights than normal laterals.

Dumbbell Urlacher

“With the elbows elevated and behind the body, you are placing direct tension on the rear delt, something that isn’t done with traditional shoulder exercises. The external rotation also means that you are strengthening the rotator cuff which is important to shoulder joint health and longevity,” says physical therapist and strength coach Jeff Cavaliere.

Wraparound Rear Delt Row

This exercise is a great way to hit the shoulder muscles that might generally be neglected in your training, because by getting the shoulders into an external rotation, the rear delt is stretched at the bottom of the exercise.

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