Fix These Mistakes to Get Lean

You’ve probably heard some of these fat loss claims but pay attention.

Weight loss is a goal virtually every person in the world aims for at least at some point in their lives. Maybe you’ve been given the wrong advice on how to do that. Fix these mistakes to get lean!

Losing fat can be easy for some, but difficult for most people. A lot of information gets thrown around and it’s hard to discern what is fact from fiction.

Sean Nalewanyj, a fitness coach and author, shared his personal experience about fat loss lies you probably heard before.

With this information, you can fix these mistakes to get lean. Check out the video below.

Fix These Mistakes to Get Lean

1. Calories Don’t Matter

“Calories make the underlying foundation of the entire fat loss process and the calorie deficit is the most fundamental that must be in place if you want to get leaner,” Nalewanyj says.

2. Calorie Deficit Is Everything

This is the other opposite of the spectrum when people tell you that calorie is all that matters. 1,000 calories of ice cream are not the same as 1,000 calories of chicken. Food quality matters.

3. Fat-burning Foods

There is no food you should specifically eat that will significantly speed up your metabolism and cause you to lose fat at a faster rate.

4. Fat-storing Foods

The same goes in the other direction. There are no specific foods that can store more fat in your body than others. Gaining fat is part of the process of you eating more calories than you are burning and that excess of energy will get stored in your body as fat.

However, high-calorie dense foods are much easier to overeat, so be careful with those.

5. Intuitive Eating

If you only listen to your body and give in to eating any time it desires, you will most likely eat more than you should.

6. Low-carb Diets

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These types of diets are not superior to others when it comes to fat loss. Calories in versus calories out will always dictate fat loss, not what type of calories you are eating.

“When you restrict carbs you are going to see more initial weight loss because you will retain less water and you’ll store less glycogen,” he says.

7. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting will not automatically make you lose more weight. It depends on how many calories you are ingesting and how many you are burning on a daily basis.

For some people, intermittent fasting can help restrict the number of calories they take in a day, but for others, it can cause a different reaction and make someone overeat more in a single meal.

8. Hunger Is Always Bad

If you don’t feel some hunger during the day, chances are you are not in a calorie deficit in the first place and that is the golden rule to weight loss. Fix these mistakes to get lean!

9. Always Cut Slowly

When it comes to restricting your calorie intake, doing it slowly could be a mistake. “In most cases, for most people, that will be the ideal way to go about [losing weight],” Nalewanyj says. However, and he knows this is controversial, depending on the mindset, goals and experience level of an individual, doing more drastic cuts can be beneficial.

10. Fat Burners

In most cases, pills that are labelled fat burners are overhyped for what they actually do in your body.

“Proper dieting and training will make up the overwhelming majority of your fat loss results.”

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