7 Advanced Core Exercises For Great Abs

Build a strong midsection.

If you are looking to carve out your midsection, check out these 7 advanced core exercises for great abs.

The abs are extremely important and one muscle group that every athlete must focus on. A strong core is a good indication of great physique and fitness capabilities. By improving your abs, you will also improve your lower body efficiency and longevity.

These 7 advanced core exercises for great abs were shared by Luka Hocevar, a fitness coach and founder of Vigor Ground Fitness and an author. Check it out.

7 Advanced Core Exercises For Great Abs

The body can be divided into three planes:

  • Sagittal – left and right side of the body
  • Coronal – front and back of the body
  • Transverse – top and bottom half of the body
Advanced Core Exercises For Great AbsSource: Machine Design
The functional movement planes

These 7 advanced core exercises for great abs vary in which plane they work. This way, you will be giving your body and your abs a well-rounded workout.

The exercises are:

  1. Reverse crunch to eccentric dragon flag
  2. Foam roller glide plank
  3. Kettlebell pullover JC dead bug
  4. Dynaball knee raises with eccentric
  5. Bottoms-up kettlebell roll to side plank
  6. Valslide moving core row
  7. Band-resisted dead bug reverse crunch

Chances are you have not heard about these exercises or have no clue how to perform them. To see these 7 advanced core exercises for great abs in action, click on the video below from Luka Hocevar.

VIDEO – 7 Advanced Core Exercises For Great Abs

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