12 Weird Core Exercises for an Amazing Six-Pack

Carve your midline.

Trying to get in shape for the summer and focusing on your abs? Check out these 12 weird core exercises for an amazing six-pack.

Developing a strong core is essential for sport and life, not to mention most people find it very attractive. A chiselled mid-section of the body means you have overall good health and fitness.

The selection of 12 weird core exercises for an amazing six-pack that you are about to see was shared by Luka Hocevar, a fitness coach and founder of Vigor Ground Fitness and an author.

Weird Core Exercises for an Amazing Six-PackSource: John Fornander / Unsplash
Target your abs with these weird exercises.

12 Weird Core Exercises for an Amazing Six-Pack

Although Luka Hocevar does not explain each workout or which muscles they target, all of them will carve your core and torch your abs.

However, if you want to see your six-pack but still can’t, the problem might not be working out more, but rather tuning in your diet.

In order to be able to see your abs, first and foremost, you need to have a low body fat percentage. That magical number can vary from person to person, heavily influenced by gender. You can check out more details about that by clicking on the link below.

How Long Will It Take to See Your Six-Pack?

If you don’t understand any of the exercises listed below by the name, check out the video at the bottom of this page.

1. Push-Up Plus w/ Scalp Protraction

2. Quadrupled Row w. Kettlebell 1

3. Quadrupled Row w. Kettlebell 2

4. Dead Bug Reverse Curl

5. Dead Bug JC Raise

6. Cross-Over Bottom-Up Kettlebell Get-Up

7. Crawl + Shoulder Tap

8. Elastic Springer

9. TRX Jackknife + Body Saw

10. Leg Raise Mechanical Drop Set

11. Barbell Crawl + Rollout

12. Valslide Plank Walks + Rows

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VIDEO – Weird Core Exercises for an Amazing Six-Pack

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