9 Awesome Benefits of Cable Crunches (Build a Powerful 6 Pack Now)

Learn why you need this incredible exercise in your life.

These benefits of cable crunches will show you why you need this effective exercise in your training.

Cable crunches are a great exercise to build and tone your abs muscles.

abs-exercises mach in 22 Days Benefits of Cable Crunches

They also provide an opportunity for you to challenge yourself and add variety to your workouts. You can increase the resistance on your cable machine as you get more confidence, which helps you get even stronger over time.

1. Benefits of Cable Crunches – Tone your Ab Muscles

Cable crunches are a great exercise to tone your abs.

They will help you create a better looking six pack, as long as you combine your workouts with an intelligent and consistent nutrition plan.

2. Benefits of Cable Crunches – Build Better Functional Abs

Strong, functional abs will help improve your posture, provide support for your back, and allow you to move more freely. Because of their importance, it’s important that we all work to keep them healthy and strong.

Cable crunches will help to establish and maintain a stronger anterior (frontal) chain to your body.

3. Benefits of Cable Crunches – Forge a Stronger Core

Cable crunches are a great way to build your core muscles. While regular crunches are great for getting an ab workout, cable crunches have their own benefits that you can’t get from traditional ab workouts.

For example, cable crunches work against the pull of gravity and help you create a stronger core by constantly working against it. The movement also works multiple muscle groups at once to make sure that each part of your body is being worked throughout the entire exercise.

If you want to be able to do more with less effort when doing exercises like sit-ups or other traditional abdominal workouts, then adding cable crunches into your routine could make all the difference in terms of strength and endurance.

4. Benefits of Cable Crunches – Add Variety to Your Abs Workouts

If you’ve been following a consistent ab workout routine, then you know the benefits of cable crunches.

Cable crunches are a great way to add variety to your ab workouts because they work different muscles than regular crunches do. If done correctly, they provide an intense abdominal workout that will increase both strength and endurance in your midsection. They also help improve posture by strengthening back muscles and improving spinal alignment (which means less back pain).

5. Benefits of Cable Crunches – Challenge Your Body

As a result of using progressively heavier resistance, cable crunches can challenge your body in ways that traditional crunches cannot.

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Additionally, because the resistance is greater when using cables for crunches, it’s possible to add more variety—you can do side twists or bicycle twists after doing cable crunches!

Not only that but by standing or kneeling, or bending your legs slightly during these exercises (as opposed to keeping them straight), you can also customize an ab workout specifically for either the upper or lower part of your abdominal muscles.

6. Benefits of Cable Crunches – Build a Strong Mind Muscle Connection with the Abs

The mind-muscle connection is the connection between your brain and your muscles. It’s important for improving strength and performance in any exercise, especially cable crunches.

The more you can connect with how your muscles work, the easier it will be for you to activate and recruit them.

This has extensive benefits for everything from lifting to sports and life in general.

7. Benefits of Cable Crunches – Constant Resistance from the Cable

The cable machine provides constant resistance, which means that the entire range of motion offers considerable amounts of stress for the body. This is good news for your core and abs gains.

The amount of resistance is also adjustable, so you can make it easier or harder by adding more weight or changing the angle of your body on the machine. You can also use towels or ropes as additional resistance when performing this exercise.

8. Customise Cable Crunches to Focus on either the Upper or Lower Part of your Abs

You can customize cable crunches to focus on either the upper or lower part of your abs by bending your legs slightly and adjusting the position of the torso.

Bending the legs more will target the lower abs, while a straight leg position will put more emphasis on the upper abs.

You can create more challenges for yourself by increasing the weight on the cable machine or performing other exercises such as bicycle twists after doing cable crunches.

If you want to increase the challenge, use a heavier weight. If you are looking for an easier option, use a lighter weight.

9. Cable crunches are a Great Six Pack Isolation Movement

Cable crunches are great for abs.

They provide an effective way to focus on ab strength and isolating the core and abs.

This makes them a good choice for people who want to build endurance and strength in the abs, or even add muscle mass there.

Muscles of the Abs and Core

Your midsection is comprised of a number of different muscles, including the abs, obliques and quadratus lumborum. These muscles work together to provide stability and movement to your spine and pelvis. You might not be able to see them when you look in the mirror, but they are there!

Benefits of Cable Crunches – The Abs

The muscles of the core work together to bring about movements that support the spine and pelvis. These muscles include:

  • The rectus abdominis, the external and internal obliques, and the transverse abdominis. They all run vertically in several sections of your abdomen.
  • The serratus anterior, multifidus and erector spinae (also known as spinalis) which run horizontally across your back.

Benefits of Cable Crunches – The Obliques

The obliques are the side muscles of the core. They’re responsible for twisting, turning, flexion and lateral flexion (bending to one side). The oblique muscles run from your lower ribs all the way up to your pelvis. There are three sets of these muscles: external, internal and transverse.

The external obliques run from one side of your rib cage across your lower spine to attach on top of and around your hip bone (pelvis). You can feel these muscles when you twist or turn sideways at the waist.

The internal obliques lie deeper in between each rib than their counterparts and attach near where they begin on each rib surface as opposed to attaching far down their length as do most other abdominal muscles.”

Benefits of Cable Crunches – The Core

The core is the center of your body, and includes the muscles that support the spine. It’s important for posture and stability. The core muscles include:

  • Transverse abdominis (deep muscle)
  • Internal oblique (lateral)
  • External oblique (medial)
  • Erector spinae – lower back muscles

Benefits of Cable Crunches – Hip Flexors

  • The hip flexors are the muscles that move your thigh bones (femur) toward your body.
  • They help you bend over and sit down, as well as stand up from a sitting position.
  • When these muscles become tight or too weak, they can cause pain in the lower back and hips.
  • The best way to strengthen these muscles is by stretching them out with exercises like side leg raises and bridges.

Benefits of Cable Crunches – Quadratus Lumborum (QL)

The quadratus lumborum (QL) is a muscle that connects your lower back to your pelvis, stabilizing and supporting your spine. It also helps with rotation of the torso. It works with the diaphragm to breathe, helping you expand your ribs so that air can enter and exit smoothly.


Cable crunches are a great exercise to build and tone your abs.

They are easy to perform, can be customised easily and provide constant resistance from the cable machine.

If you want to focus on ab strength without working multiple muscle groups at once then this is an excellent option for you!

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