How to Increase Chest Size and strength

A focused set of exercises and tricks.

If you are trying to find out how to increase chest size and strength you have landed on the right page. Read it below.

A bigger and stronger chest is desired by many, especially men, and it is a good idea to look up to some of the stronger looking athletes out there to know their secret. Check out the tips and tricks from Terron Beckham.

Terron Beckham is the cousin of NFL football player Odell Beckham Jr., commonly known as OBJ. Terron has gathered a prestigious presence online with more than half a million people following him on Instagram and around 360,000 people subscribed to his YouTube channel.

As expected, he has massive pecs. Following him on his chest and shoulder workout day, you can find out his tips on how to increase chest size and strength. And as you might have guessed, it’s very much focused on the bench press.

How to Increase Chest Size and strength

Work Towards 1RM

One-rep max is the maximum weight you can lift one time with proper form and technique. Beckham says that he is always trying to work towards his 1RM.

That does not mean he does it every time is chest day, but he builds up towards reaching his 1RM which, for him, is around 500lb.

How to Increase Chest Size and strength

Drop Set or AMRAP

Drop set is a technique in which you perform the same exercise and each following set you drop the amount of weight you previously lifted. This way you can exhaust your muscle even more and put them under tension when you thought you couldn’t lift any more weight.

Beckham did sets of bench press with 315lb, 225lb, and 135lb respectively.

AMRAP is common in the CrossFit world and it stands for As Many Reps (Rounds) as Possible. Within a certain time period, you should perform as many reps of a specific exercise as you can.

This tactic is another way to exhaust your chest muscles. However, it is not advisable to do it with difficult compound movements, but rather something more simple such as an accessory exercise or isolation exercises for the chest.

Mix Between Barbell and Dumbbell

According to Beckham, if he does a flat bench press with a barbell, when he moves to focus on his upper chest with the incline bench press he chooses the dumbbell.

Add Shoulder Press

“I think shoulder press is a really easy way, if you don’t do it enough, to get your bench [press] up, so definitely add that in.”

Finish With Lateral Raises

Beckham finished his workout with lateral raises. Although it is not an exercise that will target your chest, it will help improve your shoulder strength, aiding to visually make your upper body bigger and stronger.

“If you want to activate more of your delts, do the bent-over variation of lateral raise, Beckham says. For a bigger challenge, you can hold the dumbbells at all times in between sets, not letting them drop on the floor.

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