3 Hacks For a Bigger Chest – No More Flat Pecs

Take your chest to the next level.

Are your pecs not showing off even when you take your shirt off? Then check out this list of 3 hacks for a bigger chest.

Most of us would like to have an enviable chest. Although there are many exercises for you to get there, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Is there a way to get the kind of chest I see some people in the gym have? Yes, there is.

Scott Herman, CEO of Muscular Strength, fitness coach and YouTube sensation, decided to talk about 3 hacks for a bigger chest so you can say goodbye to your flat pecs.

Check it out.

3 Hacks For a Bigger Chest

1. Focus on Chest Tension

Although you might be doing a chest exercise, like a dumbbell bench press, there is a small chance you are not putting the tension of the exercise in your chest that much. You could be transferring to the triceps or shoulders.

This could happen if your form is not correct or if you are trying to lift too heavy of a weight.

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“No matter what exercise you’re doing, whether is a barbell bench press, dumbbell bench press, or even a standing cable fly, you need to retract and depress your shoulder blades,” Herman explains.

This will allow you to protect your shoulders and activate your chest as much as possible. Another tip is to bring your hands as close as possible if you are doing the dumbbell or cable exercise mentioned above.

2. Supersets Push-Ups with Presses

This is Herman’s favourite on the list of hacks for a bigger chest. Superset any chest exercise with a round of push-ups. You can make it even harder but doing a variation of a push-up such as an incline one (to focus on the upper chest), medicine ball push-ups, or any of these.

According to Herman, you should fail your push-ups after doing 12-15 reps, otherwise, you are not lifting hard enough on the chest exercise.

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3. Add Another Chest Day Into Your Routine

If your chest is not growing and you are sure you are keeping the tension on the right muscles and pushing hard every time, perhaps the simple answer is to train your chest more often.

Just remember to take at least 48 hours to rest your chest before training it again.

If you want to see more arguments from Scott Herman regarding the 3 hacks for a bigger chest, click on the video below.

VIDEO – Hacks for a Bigger Chest

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