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9 Effective Ab Exercises To Do At Home To Build a Strong Core

So many of our favourite exercises and workouts need equipment: rowing machines, barbells, ski ergs… a gym’s worth of metal not everyone has the space or finances to accommodate. But when it comes to ab exercises, just your bodyweight is enough to make serious gains.

The goal of regular abdominal training is to build a strong trunk which will guide the rest of your workouts. A solid core helps to transfer control and force throughout the body, stabilize your spine and help control movement. 

Doing regular ab exercises at home will help you not just in your workouts and athletic goals, but also help in treating back pain, improving posture and even help you breathe better.

What are your abdominals?

Your abdominals are a set of muscles whose primary function is to support the trunk, allow movement and hold organs in place by regulating internal abdominal pressure. They are also the muscle group you want to train if you are looking to achieve a six pack.

You have four main abdominal muscles. These are the: 

  • Transversus abdominis
  • Rectus abdominis
  • External oblique muscles
  • Internal oblique muscles 

Training these muscles is an important part of any workout regime, and one of the best things about them is they can be done with minimal equipment from home. Training your abdominals helps support the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen. This will mean an increase in stability and balance. A strong core is vital to perform many physical activities at a high level.

Ab Exercises To Do From Home

For all of these exercises you’ll need a mat or comfortable space on the floor, but nothing else. These exercises can be done from anywhere.

1 Flutter Kicks / Scissor Kicks

Flutter and scissor Kicks activate muscles in the lower abdomen. Lie on your back and raise your legs to around a 45 degree angle. Move your legs up and down in quick but controlled movements to perform the flutter kicks, and side to side for the scissor kicks.

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