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5 Accessory Exercises Every Crossfitter Should be Doing

Accessory exercises are a great compliment to any workout, and can be a powerful aid towards improving the more common lifts and exercises within the sport of fitness. Crossfit mainly consists of connected, full body movements, but there is nothing wrong with working on isolated exercises in order to improve your overall performances.

Just because you won’t see any of these movements in the Crossfit Open or any Competition (with the exception of the GHD Sit Ups) it does not mean that you shouldn’t be doing them. Out of many useful exercises, we picked 5 that will help you to improve.



Think about all the movements that demand your lower back and torso. Correct, there are a lot! Therefore, you can use Back Extensions not only as a part of your warm up routine, but also to strengthen your core and posterior chain.

Roll Ups


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