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Epic Workout Battle Between Annie Thorisdottir & Katrin Davidsdottir

This epic battle between Annie Thorisdottir and Katrin Davidsdottir took place during Event 3 from the WOW Stronger event in Iceland!

  • 15 Wall balls with a 12lbs ball to a 14′ target
  • Prowler push with 120kg/265lbs
  • 7 Log Clean and Jerk at 60kg/135lbs

Wonder if we will ever see this height of Wall balls at the Games?


Here are a few tips from Annie Thorisdottir to help you become a better athlete


 Annie Thorisdottir is famous for her beaming smile and optimistic outlook. She pushes her limits daily, and in competitions, her perspective is exactly the same. Taking time to work on having the right mental attitude can have huge effects on your performances.


Annie Thorisdottir is both humble, yet open to admit that she wants to win whenever she competes. She is fiercely competitive, which helps you to improve in Crossfit, yet her ego doesn’t get in the way if she finishes in second place. For her she doesn’t lose, either she wins or learns a lesson.

‘Identify your finish line – and as soon as you get there find the next one. Having goals is essential to growing, essential to learning, essential to be better than you were yesterday.’

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