The Best Exercise for Bigger Front Delts (And How to Do It Right)

The one and only.

Here’s the answer you came looking for: the Dumbbell Front Raise is the best exercise for bigger front delts.

Now that you know this there’s little keeping you here, but before you close this tab let me tell you that the way this exercise is performed traditionally ignores one of the most important aspects of the exercise that helps your delts to grow in the first place.

So, how can you effectively perform the dumbbell front raise to build bigger front delts?

Jeff Cavaliere, from Athletean-X, shows you how in this video:

The best exercise for bigger front delts (and how to do it right)

An important element of the dumbbell front raise (and many other exercises) that many athletes overlook is eccentric overload.

“As you should know, placing tension on a muscle while in its stretch position is one of the fastest ways to ensure adequate overload and growth,” explains Cavaliere. “The eccentric load on a muscle is one of the most sure fire ways to put tension on the muscles to stimulate new size and growth.”

But, when athletes perform the dumbbell front raise, they rarely place their delts on a stretch at any point in the range of motion. It goes without saying that this is inefficient.

Front Dumbbell RaiseSource: Anastase Maragos

How to fix it? Performing dumbbell front raises on an incline bench means you can stretch your front delts by pushing your arms back past your torso. Set the bench to about a sixty degree angle (so it is 30 degrees set back from the vertical).

“This amount of incline is just enough to create the possibility for your arms to hang down at your sides and into extension at the bottom of the rep,” says Cavaliere.

Simply sitting on the incline bench will provide a stretch because your arms will be extended behind your body. Additionally, your delts will remained stretched during the eccentric portion of the exercise.

“You want to make sure that you’re focusing on the tension all the way down and into the stretch position,” says Cavaliere.

There you have it. Now it’s time to try it out, good luck!

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