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The Best L Sit WODs to Level Up Your Abs and Core

Time to build a better core.

WOD 3 – L-Shit

Accumulate 200 seconds of L-sit


  • 10 push presses 95/65
  • 10 Russian swings red/yellow

Don’t flex the knees and and make sure that the feet are above hip level, not below.

L Sit WODs 4  (Team of 8) – Patricia

For Time (in a Team of 8)

1.5 km Run (each)

  • 200 Burpee Pull-Ups
  • 400 Jumping Ring Dips
  • 40 Rope Climbs (15 ft)
  • 1 min L-Sit (each)

This workout requires eight team members to perform the prescribed work together.

It was designed for military units, so it was originally intended to be done with pull-up bars, a 15-foot climbing rope, rings (austere or regular), and P-bars (parallel bars, dip station, or parallettes).

As originally written, each team has to complete the total number of reps per exercise. The only exercises that each soldier in the squad must complete as an individual are the 1.5-km run and the one-minute L-sit.

The other exercises can be divided up among the squad as they desire. There is no order that the exercises must be completed in and there is no requirement to conduct the exercises altogether, as a formed squad.

For example, each soldier in the squad can do 25 burpee pull-ups to obtain 200 reps, or one soldier can do all 200. Two soldiers can do 20 rope ascents each, or every member of the squad can do 5 ascents.

The requirement is for the squad to complete the total number of reps designated per exercise.

The one-minute L-sit is a cumulative time. Each soldier can utilize as many L-sits as required to obtain his one minute of total time.

For example, each soldier could do two 30-second sets or six 10-second sets, however he wants. The L-sits can be conducted on P-bars, rings, or as an L hang from pull-up bars. Spotting is not permitted at any time.

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