10 Best Principles and Exercises to Heal and Strengthen Shoulders

Bulletproof your shoulders.

These principles and exercises to heal and strengthen shoulders will help to cure and prevent aches and pains in your body.

Principles and Exercises to Heal and Strengthen Shoulders

Each exercise is chosen by Marcus Filly. He explains further “Whether it’s kipping pull-ups in CrossFit or bench presses in powerlifting, our shoulders can take a beating sometimes doing what we love.

And when your shoulders start to hurt, getting to the bottom of it can be a real mystery. In the case of injury, seek the help of a pro – but it’s also helpful to know how to strengthen and heal your shoulders in the gym so you can reduce your injury risk in the future.”

Principles and Exercises to Heal and Strengthen ShouldersSource: RX'd Photography

Knowing how and why to perform each one will enable you to build a fitter, better and more injury resistant body.


  • Slow and controlled first
  • Static/isometric contractions regularly
  • Limit complex and fast movements
  • Pain scale 3 out of 10


  1. Pushing – Landmine Press
  2. Pushing – Eccentric Focus Push Ups
  3. Pulling – Face Pulls
  4. Pulling – Elbowing Rows
  5. Isometrics – Dip Support
  6. Isometrics – Side Plank
  7. Rotator Cuff – DB External Rotation
  8. Rotator Cuff – Band Pull Apart
  9. Dynamic/Carries – Turkish Get Ups
  10. Dynamic/Carries – KB Rack Carry and Hold


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Who is Marcus Filly?

Marcus Filly is arguably best known first for being a perennial CrossFit Games athlete, and second for his Functional Bodybuilding brand.

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