Best Way to Train for Chest Hypertrophy

A natural professional bodybuilder’s opinion.

Discover the best way to train for chest hypertrophy with Jeff Nippard.

Jeff Nippard is a natural professional bodybuilder who shares tips and training programs on his YouTube channel. His video tries to showcase the best way to train for chest hypertrophy.

For this video, he took into consideration his personal experience plus 9 studies published recently.

Best Way to Train for Chest Hypertrophy

At the beginning of the video, Jeff Nippard explains what your chest muscles look like and why it’s important to know that as it will dictate how you should be moving to activate those specific muscles – mainly the lower, upper and middle chest.

Although doing bench presses are correlated to growing your chest overall, it is important to choose some specific upper chest exercises to grow your upper pecs because of the way your upper fibres run. For that, utilising some form of incline press with the barbell or the dumbbell is a great way.

Best Way to Train for Chest Hypertrophy

How incline should the bench be while you’re pressing? According to Nippard, you need to test it for yourself what feels like it activates your pecs more as it can differ from person to person. Roughly 45 degrees is usually the best for most people.

You should also know the length-tension relation of the muscle. In short, it means there is a point at which you should stretch your muscle. If you pass that point, your muscle will lose strength, but if you shorten it or contract it too much it will make your muscle weaker too. That is why, for example, you should do flyes in a sitting position and with thumbs facing one another.

Another trick you can do is to perform a flat dumbbell isometric hold at the end of a chest session. This will present a new way to overload your muscles by adding time under tension at a fixed load.

Make sure you see Nippard’s entire video to understand the best way to train for chest hypertrophy.

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