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CrossFit Announces Scholarship Program in Bid to Promote Inclusive Fitness

A new Scholarship Program crated to “spark meaningful health-care changes in underrepresented and underserved communities,” was introduced by CrossFit yesterday.

The program is one of Dave Castro’s ideas to bring change and inclusivity to CrossFit as a company, brand and community.


The CrossFit Scholarship will provide foundational health and fitness education through free access to the CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course.

“The love, support, and tangible health-care solutions found throughout our global CrossFit community should be available to everyone,” CrossFit wrote in a press release. “We believe providing more access to CrossFit’s life-changing health and fitness methodology is one way we can help.”

The company also plans to broaden the scholarship in future to include mentorship opportunities and pathways to becoming an entrepreneurial business owner.

“Following the program’s launch, we will look for ways to adapt and expand it to better serve the underrepresented or underserved, continually keeping an eye toward engaging other stakeholders in the community who are undertaking parallel efforts to support diversity and inclusion for those facing the greatest health-care challenges,” CrossFit announced.


The program is set to kick off between July 11 and 12 in Atlanta, Georgia, with a free Level 1 Course for kids and young adults.

Anyone interested in being involved or looking for more information can reach our to CrossFit here.

This is one of a handful of moves CrossFit has introduced since it was faced with heavy backlash following inflammatory comments by former CEO and founder, Greg Glassman, on Twitter, a Zoom call and email communication, as well as allegations of  a sexist company culture.

Glassman has since announced he would retire and, last week, revealed he would sell his company to Affiliate owner and entrepreneur, Eric Roza.

CrossFit HQ has also issued an apology and launched  a new CrossFit Affiliate Representatives scheme, aiming to “facilitate bidirectional communication between affiliates and CrossFit Headquarters” in various districts across the U.S.


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