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CrossFit Games 2021 Masters Day 2 Recap – Chipper, Swim & Sled

Everything you might have missed in the Masters Divisions of the 2021 CrossFit Games Day 2.

Day 2 of competition at the CrossFit Games has wrapped up and here are the all the results and highlights from the Masters divisions. Here’s your Masters Day 2 recap in full.

There are 7 masters divisions, which include athletes aged between 35 and 65+. Day 2 included 3 events kicking off early on the field in Madison, WI. Check out our Day 1 Masters Recap.

This is the first year a 65+ division has been included at the CrossFit Games.

* All results still subject to change.

CrossFit Games Masters Overall Results Day 2

Men 35-39Women 35-39
Kyle Kasperbauer (360)Whitney Gelin (365)
Adrian Conway (320)Lauren Gravatt (345)
Dusty Sulon (310)Kelley Jackson (300)
James Howell (285)April Payne (275)
Nich Bloch (285)Aneta Tucker (270)
Men 40-44 Women 40-44
Nathan Beveridge (325)Kelly Friel (545)
Nuno Costa (295)Rebecca Voigt Miller (485)
Maxime Guyon (290)Ana C. Caldas (445)
David Johnston (280)Kelly Marshall (445)
Alexandre Jolivet (280)Stephanie Roy (440)
Men 45-49 Women 45-49
Jason Grubb (355)Ali Crawford (350)
Mike Kern (340)Annie Sakamoto (295)
Justin Lasala (275)Tessa Te Kahu (295)
David Hamel (275)Jessica Manfro (275)
Alan Bates (265)Jennifer Dieter (265)
Men 50-54Women 50-54
Brent Maier (345)Tia Vesser (340)
Kevin Koester (330)Joyanne Cooper (335)
Bernard Luzi (325)Carrie Sandoval (320)
Christian Biagi (320)Marianne Højbjerg (305)
Darius Bookholdt (275)Cherianne Benoit (270)
Men 55-59Women 55-59
Vincent Diephuis (320)Laurie Meschishnick (330)
Bruce Beaton (310)Joanne Mccullough (330)
Ron Ortiz (305)Rose Wall (305)
Bruce Young (275)Karen Lundgren (290)
David Partridge (255)Shanna Bunce (275)
Men 60-64Women 60-64
Will Powell (375)Susan Clarke (390)
Tim Lafromboise (300)Bianca Williams (355)
Carl Giuffre (295)Patricia McGill (355)
Rolando Gonzalez (290)Litsa Olsson (350)
Christian Galy (280)Lynne Knapman (290)
Men 65+Women 65+
George Koch (375)Lydia Beer (380)
Thomas Ackerman (365)Patty Bauer (330)
Ken Ogden (325)Marilyn Wuest (295)
David Hippensteel (290)Marcia Walker (290)
Jon Perry (290)Pia Gund (255)

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CrossFit Games 2021 Masters Day 2 Recap

Event 4 – Chipper

Ages 35-39, 40-44, 45-49

For time:

  • 84/68-cal. bike erg
  • 42 medicine-ball GHD sit-ups (20/14 lb., women to 6-in. riser)
  • 42 dumbbell squats (50/35 lb.)
  • 84-ft. handstand walk (Athletes must complete 42-ft. section unbroken.)
  • 42 sandbag squats (150/100 lb.)
  • 84-ft. handstand walk (Athletes must complete 42-ft. section unbroken.)

Ages 50-54, 55-59

For time:

  • 84/68-cal. bike erg
  • 42 GHD sit-ups (women to 6-in. riser)
  • 42 dumbbell squats (35/20 lb.)
  • 84-ft. handstand walk 
  • 42 sandbag squats (100/70 lb.)
  • 84-ft. handstand walk 

Ages 60-64, 65+

For time:

  • 84/68-cal. bike erg
  • 42 GHD sit-ups (men to 6-in. riser, women to 12-in. riser)
  • 30 dumbbell squats (35/20 lb.)
  • 84-ft. double dumbbell overhead walk
  • 30 sandbag squats (100/70 lb.)
  • 84-ft. sandbag carry

16-minute time cap.

With an intense Chipper workout to kick off Day 1, both the Men and Women took to the field at the same time for each Masters division, starting with the 65+. Lydia Beers absolutely demolished the whole field, finishing with a time of 10:44. On the Men’s side 66-year-old George Koch led with 12:29.

Three-time CrossFit Games Masters Champion Will Powell stayed strong in the 60-64 Division, and is well on his way to earning another title across several Masters Divisions. He finished with a time of 09:39. For the Women it was Susan Clarke‘s second event win with an incredible 08:54.

Moving into 55-59, Mike Cook took his first event win with 13:48 after going hard on the handstand walks. Rose Wall also left the event with her first event win at 14:03. In the 50-55 Division Italian Bernard Luzi took the event with 12:58 and Tia Vesser moved up to second place overall after her 12:28 win.

Masters Day 2 Recap

Annie Sakamoto powers her way to another an event win with 15.17 in the 45-49 Women’s Division. Jason Grubb paced himself throughout the event before powering through the squats and handstand walk to a second event win of the weekend with a time of 14.23 — 70 seconds ahead of #2 Peter Andersson.

Event 4 for the 40-44 Division was crushed by Rachel Green who was formally sitting at the bottom of the leaderboard in the Women’s division. She had a time of 11.27. A stumble by Tony Kurz in the handstand walks meant that Alexandre Jolivet could steal the event win for the Men in 12.46.

Whitney Gelin is crushing the week so far with her second consecutive event win in the Women’s 35-39, coming in with a final time of 12.42. On the Men’s side it was another strong performance from Adrian Conway, but Kyle Kasperbauer also gets his second consecutive event win in 13.46. No change in the leaderboard in this Division after Event 4.

Event 5 – Swim

Ages 35-39, 40-44, 45-49

500-meter swim

Ages 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65+

300-meter swim

16-minute time cap.

Masters athletes

Each Age Group was released into the water in stages during Event 5, starting with the 65+ Division and working down.


Men: Ken Ogden (5:00)
Women: Polly Mckinstry (5:32)


Men: Tim Lyons (5:25)
Women: Christine Long (5:20)


Men: Vincent Diephuis (4:29)
Women: Karen Lundgren (5:25)


Men: Bernard Luzi (5:31)
Women: Joyanne Cooper (5:49)


Men: Alan Bates (9:36)
Samantha Stevenson-Archer (8:43)


Men: Chris Beery (8:31)
Women: Ana C. Caldas (7:52)


Men: František Heribán (9.14)
Women: Colleen Lehane (7:73)

Event 6

Ages 35-39, 40-44

For time:

  • 30/24-cal. row
  • 15 clean and jerks (155/105 lb.)
  • Sled push

5-minute time cap.

Masters Event 6

The final Masters event of Day 2 was only for the 40-44 and 35-39 Divisions.

In the Men’s 40-44 Division it was a race to finish for Tony Kurz and Art Hamilton, but Kurz beat him to the punch for his first event win with 2:34. For the women it was Ana C. Caldas all the way from the start, powering through the clean and jerks but was closely tracked my Kelly Friel during the sled push in the last seconds. She closed the event in 2:43.

Nick Bloch smoked the field it for the Men’s 35-39, way ahead of any of the other competitors on the field. Closing with a time of 2:34. In the Women’s Division it was a race to the finish for leader Whitney Gelin and Michelle Palmer on the sled push, but Gelin clinched it with a 2:41 finish.

With just a handful more events to go, we will soon be in the final stretch to find out who the Fittest Masters Athlete on Earth is in each Masters division. And with cuts looming, the pressure is on.

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