CrossFit Games 2021 Masters Day 1 Recap – Leg Power and Arm Strength

The first day of competition for Masters athletes has wrapped up, here’s your lowdown.

Day 1 of competition at the CrossFit Games has wrapped up and here are the highlights from the Masters divisions.

There are 7 masters divisions, which include athletes aged between 35 and 65+, and they all faced three workouts to kickstart the competition.

This is the first year there is a 65+ division at the CrossFit Games.

Masters athletes run during day 1 of the crossfit games

CrossFit Games Masters Overall Results Day 1

Men 35-39Women 35-39
Kyle Kasperbauer (260)Whitney Gelin (265)
Adrian Conway (225)Lauren Gravatt (260)
František Heribán (220)Kelley Kackson (230)
Dusty Sulon (220)Aneta Tucker (210)
James Howell (215)Corrin Lemieux (200)
Men 40-44Women 40-44
Nathan Beveridge (250)Ana C. Caldas (255)
David Johnston (230)Rebecca Voigt Miller (255)
Guido Trinidad (230)Kelly Friel (255)
Tony Kurz (215)Sonya McMillan (230)
Nuno Costa (210)Krystal Peterson (225)
Men 45-49Women 45-49
Mike Kern (275)Ali Crawford (265)
Jason Grubb (255)Tessa Te Kahu (230)
Alan Bates (230)Danica Rolfe (215)
Antonio Sala (215)Karen Mccadam (205)
David Hamel (210)Jennifer Dieter (200)
Men 50-54Women 50-54
Kevin Koester (250)Joyanne Cooper (270)
Bernard Luzi (230)Tia Vesser (240)
Greg Merkac (215)Carrie Sandoval (230)
Darius Boockholdt (215)Marianne Højbjerg (230)
John Kim (210)Cindy Hinkle (205)
Men 55-59Women 55-59
Bruce Beaton (235)Joanne Mccullough (265)
Vincent Diephuis (230)Laurie Meschishnick (245)
Ron Ortiz (210)Shanna Bunce (230)
Patrick Sprague (200)Robbie Moyles (225)
Perry Siplon (200)Lasara Magnani (210)
Men 60-64Women 60-64
Will Powell (275)Susan Clarke (290)
Rolando Gonzalez (250)Litsa Olsson (270)
Christian Galy (245)Bianca Williams (265)
Tim Lafromboise (225)Patricia McGill (260)
Carl Giuffre (205)Lynne Knapman (205)
Men 65+Women 65+
George Koch (275)Lidia Beer (275)
Thomas Ackerman (275)Patty Bauer (235)
David Hippensteel (240)Marcia Walker (230)
Ken Ogden (230)Marilyn Wuest (195)
Marshall Delk (220)Consuelo Cruz (185)

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Masters Day 1 Recap

Event 1

For time:

Ages 35-39, 40-44, 45-49

  • 4.5-mile run (6 laps)

Ages 50-54, 55-59

  • 3.75-mile run (5 laps)

Ages 60-64, 65+

  • 3-mile run (4 laps)

Time cap: 40 min.

Times from the 60-64 and 65+ divisions were absolutely mind blowing; winners Craig Fegan (Men 60-64) Litsa Olsson (Women 60-64) clocked a time of 21:22.13 and 21:54.56 respectively. Age group winner George Koch (Men 65+) finished the 3-mile run in 22:33.30 and Teresa Clement (Women 65+) crossed the finish line at an impressive 21:07.64, faster than younger athletes in the division below.

In the 50-54 and 55-59 age divisions, Karen Lundgren (Women’s 55-59) finished the 3.75-mile run in 28:26.85, once again faster than the younger division, and Vincent Diephuis (Men 55-59) also won his age division with a time of 26:48.75. The Women 50-54 division was won by Francoise Mahier in a time of 29:24.95 and Bernard Luzi won the men’s 50-54 division clocking 26:04.19.

The race in the Women’s 45-49 division was incredibly close, but Danica Rolfe ultimately edged out Ali Crawford by a second, clocking 34:17.66 for 4.5 miles. Kelly Marshall (Women 40-44) dominated her field, beating second place by over a minute with a time of 31:28.56 and Amy Wearne (Women 35-39) was the fastest woman across all divisions finishing in 31:08.57.

Nuno Costa (Men 40-44) beat all the men in his division clocking 30:23.64 and racing to the finish line side by side with older Jason Grubb (Men 45-49), who ultimately edged him out by 0.03 seconds. Faster than both however was Antonio Sala (Men 45-49) with a time of 28:55.01.

Event 2

Ages 35-39, 40-44, 45-49

5 rounds for time:

  • 1 legless rope climb (20 ft.)
  • 5 deadlifts (345 lb./215 lb.)

Ages 50-54, 55-59

5 rounds for time:

  • 1 rope climb (20 ft.)
  • 5 deadlifts (315 lb./195 lb.)

Ages 60-64 and 65+

4 rounds for time:

  • 1 rope climb (20 ft.)
  • 5 deadlifts (255 lb./175 lb.)

Time cap: 6 min.

The best time in the 60-64 division belonged to Will Powell (Men 60-64), who finished the workout using less than half of the time cap at 02:29.31. No one was capped during this event from this division. It was a different story for the Men 65+, which saw three men capped. Nevertheless, the win from George Koch (Men 65+) in just over half of the time cap was impressive.

Susan Clarke (Women 60-64) smoked event 2, finishing the event in 2:21.74, and all women in the division finished within the time cap. Rhonda Dessert (Women 65+) ran away with the win in her division with a time of 03:26.89.

Jeffrey Tincher (Men 50-54) finished Event 2in just over 3 minutes Vincent Diephuis (Men 55-59) cruised through the event and took the top spot with a solid lead over of second place Patrick Sprague.

Joyanne Cooper (Women 50-54) made no mistakes and won this event. With a smile across her face, Shanna Bunce (Women 55-59) also ran away with an event win.

The 35-39 men’s field is incredibly stacked, but this event was ultimately won by James Howell, who made his finish sprint looking over his shoulder but secured first. A good race up to round 5, but it was David Johnston (Men 40-44) who took the event win. The men’s 45-49 division was topped by Jason Grubb.

Kelley Jackson (Women 35-39) sprinted to the finish ahead of all women in her field. Afterwards, Kelly Marshall (Women 40-44) and Annie Sakamoto (Women 45-49) both took decisive wins.

Event 3

  • 1-Rep Max Snatch

Impressive weights were lifted by all masters athletes during this event. These were the winning lifts:

  • Consuelo Cruz (Women 65+): 105 lb
  • David Hippensteel (Men 65+): 162 lb
  • Bianca Williams (Women 60-64): 120 lb
  • Will Powell (Men 60-64): 180 lb
  • Lasara Magnani (Women 55-59): 137 lb
  • David Partridge (Men 55-59): 210 lb
  • Carrie Sandoval (Women 50-54): 147 lb
  • Lon Allen (Men 50-54): 237 lb
  • Jennifer Dieter (Women 45-49): 167 lb
  • Guilio Silvino (Men 45-49): 265 lb
  • Ana C. Caldas (Women 40-44): 191 lb
  • David Johnston (Men 40-44): 262 lb
  • Whitney Gelin (Women 35-39): 192 lb
  • Kyle Kasperbauer (Men 35-39): 277 lb

With the exception of Guilio Silvino, Masters athletes lifted heavier weights as the age divisions got younger.

Results are unofficial and might change.

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Upcoming for CrossFit Games Masters

Masters athletes will continue their quest to become the Fittest on Earth tomorrow, Wednesday, July 28.

Age groups 16-17 and 35-44 will tackle Events 4, 5, and 6 during Day 2 at the CrossFit Games. Athletes in the 14-15 and 45-65+ brackets will face Events 4 and 5 tomorrow.

Cuts to the field will be made on the third and final day of competition, Thursday, July 29, before the last event of all Age Groups. The field of athletes will be reduced from 20 (or slightly less, as a few Masters athletes weren’t able to make it to Madison in a couple of divisions) to 10.

Keep up to date with the latest CrossFit Games news, developments, announcements and results here.

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