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CrossFit Introduces New “Games” Focused on Occupations

For the 2021 season, CrossFit is introducing a new competition: the CrossFit Occupational Games. The news was announced by Dave Castro on the official CrossFit Games YouTube channel this Friday.

The new tournament will initially only be eligible for six professional occupations. Each group is separated by gender:

  • Military service member
  • Law enforcement officer
  • Firefighter
  • Healthcare worker
  • College student
  • Schoolteacher

“While many different types of athletes take part [in the Open] each year, this year we want to focus special attention on several communities of athletes who share the same jobs,” CrossFit announced. “In the past, for example, we  had more than 6,000 physicians and nurses participate in the 2020 Open, and more than 11,000 schoolteachers took part in 2019, each a group large enough for a major competition on its own.”

The Occupational Games will take place in May, from 6th to 10th, and will coincide with the Age-Group-Online Qualifier. The new competition will feature the same workout variations as the masters 35-54 age groups.

How to participate in the CrossFit Occupational Games

The Open will be used as the qualifying parameters for Occupational Games. To participate, athletes must identify themselves with one of the occupations above and update their Open profile using one of the hashtags: #militaryservicemember, #lawenforcementofficer, #firefighter, #healthcare, #collegestudent, or #schoolteacher.

The athlete must be currently working in the chosen field to be able to qualify for the competition.

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Who qualifies to the 2021 CrossFit Occupational Games?

At the end of the third week of the 2021 Open, the top 10 percent of each occupational group will qualify to compete in the online Occupational Games. The registration fee is US$50.

This 10% will be determined by the Open leaderboard and can be accessed separately under the “Service Occupations” category.

“[The Occupational Games] I think, can eventually turn into divisions at the Games – based off on numbers,” Castro said.


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At the end of The Occupational Games, the CrossFit community will have six new titles to fight for, such as Fittest Law Enforcement Officer on Earth, or Fittest Healthcare Worker on Earth.

The CrossFit Open is an online, global competition for CrossFit athletes around the world and it starts March 11th. It is the first stage of competition towards a qualifying spot for the CrossFit Games. Registration for the 2021 CrossFit Open has started, you can sign up here.

Read the official announcement made by CrossFit Inc. here.

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