4 Ways Crossfit Makes us Mentally Stronger Individuals

‘The way we think in Crossfit is the way we think in life.’

This mantra could not be more accurate. In a world where getting a job, paying bills, balancing a personal life and reaching inner peace are all important parts of the same life; we need to grow stronger and more motivated each day.


Whether it’s for our training or our daily life, we all have objectives that we wish to reach as fast as possible. Events in life have taught us that things don’t always go our way. In Crossfit we learn how to pick up the bar even when we feel like giving up. We might feel that we are not making progress and therefore don’t see the point of moving forward.

We are reminded everyday that feeling discouraged is one thing, but that a perseverance and a strong spirit is what will drive us to success. Applying this kind of thinking in our daily lives helps us face adversity and reach our goals.

Crossfit makes us strong and teaches that giving up is not an option
Crossfit makes us strong and teaches that giving up is not an option


We all need to boost our confidence. And sometimes we just need to be reminded that we are capable of achieving great things. Things we never thought we could have accomplished.

Our coach and our training partners are here to push us through the workout. They insist that we can PR our back squat or do a set of 10 toes to bar unbroken, and as a result we trust them and we start believing in our own capacities.

The same applies in real life. We start to think that if we can do so much in Crossfit, then we might be able to do the same at work for instance. All we need is to envision what it is we want, put in the work, and believe in ourselves.


‘It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey’

It’s sometimes hard to enjoy the present moment when all we want is the end result.

Crossfit makes us mentally stronger by teaching us to calm down and appreciate small victories. Because there’s no way, no matter how athletic we are, that we’ll ever be able to do a Chest to bar before knowing how to do a jumping pull-up, a strict pull-up, a kipping pull-up with a green, blue, red, yellow band and finally with no band at all. And each time we move on to the next step we feel good and we know we’re on the right track.

Knowing that, we should be able to transfer these moments of appreciations into our daily lives. We just need to learn how to set smaller steps and understand that without them we’ll never reach the top.

Mentally and physically tougher and stronger
Mentally and physically tougher and stronger


Sometimes we feel great, and sometimes we feel like we’re not worth anything. Everyone has felt that way at least once. How do we bounce back and continue with our lives without feeling depressed? We apply something that we’ve learned in Crossfit.

No matter how defeated we feel during a workout, we never, ever look down or worse lean on our knees.  Even if we don’t feel like it, even if we can’t breathe no more. The simple act of keeping our head up and staring straight ahead changes our attitude towards the wod.

It’s not that easy to do in Crossfit, so it might feel ten times more challenging to do in real life. But the point is that if we refuse to surrender, but instead focus directly on our objectives, we will end up feeling stronger and proud. And from then on, nothing will stop us from making our dreams come true.


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