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How to Watch CrossFit Open 19.5

CrossFit Open 19.5, the final workout in the 2019 Open is nearly upon us.

There will be a selection of live announcements taking place all around the world. In Miami, Mat Fraser will take on Tia-Clair Toomey. In Australia, Jessica Coughlin will challenge Khan Porter. In Ireland, Sean Sweeney and Travis Williams will go to war. In Belgium, Koski, Castellani, Rohmesmo and Esslinger will fight for supremacy.

Who will you watch? Check out the times below and find out when each announcement will be shown in your part of the world. 

CrossFit Open 19.5 Announcement Times

  • Los Angeles, USA – 16:00 pm Thursday
  • Miami, USA – 19:00 pm Thursday 
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – 20:00 Thursday
  • Dublin, Ireland – Midnight
  • London, England – Midnight
  • Antwerp, Belgium – Friday 01:00 am
  • Berlin Germany – Friday 01:00 am
  • Moscow, Russia – Friday 02:00 am
  • Perth, Australia – Friday 07:00 am
  • Wollongong, Australia – Friday 11:00 am

learn more about the four Open announcements below. 

1. BELGIUM – CrossFit Open 19.5

CrossFit Silvius Brabo is the Rogue Europe official gym. The four athletes that are all fighting to become national champions and earn a spot at the Games will throwdown in this excellent facility. 

  • ?? Jonne Koski
  • ?? Carole Castellani
  • ?? Siri Rohmesmo
  • ?? Lukas Esslinger


Text from Rogue

“The Silvius Brabo gym – named for the mythical soldier who felled a giant – is located within the Rogue complex south of Antwerp in the municipality of Schelle. The facility was recognized as an official CrossFit affiliate in 2017, and is outfitted along the same lines as our original in-house gym in Columbus, Ohio.”

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