CrossFit Regionals Athlete Tests Positive for PEDs at WODAPALOOZA

Alanna Fisk finished 21st in The 2020 CrossFit Games, 9th in the USA and qualified for the Games in Madison this summer. She recently released the following posts, detailing her positive test for PEDs at WODAPALOOZA. 


“I want all of the humans that stood by and offered up their support over the years up until today to know that I appreciate each and every one of you, and I hope I have inspired at least one soul out there to be a greater human in some way.

Today it is with the heaviest of hearts that I must announce an adverse finding at my drug test at wza. I tested positive for two metabolites of two different oral substances. Of course i was completely shocked at this finding, and devastated at what this might mean for the immediate future. I would never knowingly ingest any banned substance while competing alongside my peers,as this goes against everything I stand for.

My team and I are currently working with CrossFit, testing samples, compiling and investigating all supplements I was taking before returning to competition and during. It’s amazing to me that I used to scoff at athletes with sob stories about this sort of thing, and now here we are. I can’t believe it.

I am hoping that some truth is revealed that I didn’t knowingly dope up during the Open and WZA; but if not, I will agree with whatever findings and rulings are handed to me post-investigation/appeal. Whether I knew or not has little impact on the bare truth: it was in my system.And that’s not fair; it’s not fair to me or my mind, it’s not fair to the data I and my coaches have collected;it’s not fair to my friends and fellow athletes who I competed alongside.

All in all it wasn’t fair or in alignment with who I choose to embody for me to have participated in either the Open or WZA.And therefore, competing in that state-whether intentionally or unintentionally doesn’t matter-is still not fair.And for that, yes, I am from the bottom of my heart, so so SO sorry.Had I known these facts prior to competition I would not have even had the thought in my mind to step foot on that floor.But I didn’t know, and I did step foot onto the floor.Now I pay the price for that, along with many people who dedicated their time,energy and love to my cause. Somewhere along the line,I made a mistake.These findings didn’t just appear out of no where. And i wholeheartedly accept responsibility.

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Those of you who know me personally know that despite the outcome of this whole thing, competition is but a mere game to play, and it doesn’t affect or take away my ability or drive to pursue excellence through my craft and platform of CrossFit. What drives me is something much greater – choosing every day to do the next right thing. All that this can or has the ability to do is take away an opportunity to make money and compete for the time being. Which, i can find other ways to supplement those needs while I continue down this path of chasing excellence, perfecting my craft as an artisan, a shokunin.

I can live with losing competition for a number of years. That’s easy, because it’s not what drives me. What I can’t live with is losing those I love, those I care for and have an emotional connection with. What truly hurts about this whole thing is being stripped away of the opportunity to meet and get to know more humans while competing, and also of the opportunity to touch more souls in a positive way. This is not how I envisioned impacting the world. However, I understand that the significance of falling down lies in how long it takes for us to stand back up. I can only hope that I can in the future still have a platform to touch souls here.

I’m not asking you guys to believe my story – believe me, as an athlete I understand fully the stance against PEDs, and at one point I judged many very harshly on this subject, yet here I am, eating my own words and trust me it tastes terrible. You don’t have to believe me. What I’m asking is to possibly eventually forgive my mistake, so that at some point I can make better decisions and remain part of the community.

I am appealing the findings of CrossFit currently. I plan to continue training as usual, despite the outcome. However, the outcome is sure to have direct influence on what programming may look like.

Thank you all for taking time out of your day to read this, and I love you all. For obvious reasons, I will be detached from social media for the next month. I know I owe a just explanation to the community, which is the reason for this post. Once everything is said and done, we will recap and move forward with the next right thing. After all, that’s all I control.




2020 Women 21st 9th United States
2018 Women 10th 6th United States
2017 Women 46th 25th United States
2016 Individual Women 113th 77th United States
2015 Individual Women 261st 192nd United States


2018 10th Women Atlantic
2017 8th Women Atlantic
2016 13th Individual Women Atlantic Regional
2015 19th Individual Women Atlantic Regional

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