7 Barbell Exercises All Crossfitters Need to Master


As barbell exercises go, The Deadlift is unrivaled in its simplicity and impact while unique in its capacity for increasing head to toe strength.

Regardless of whether your fitness goals are to “rev up” your metabolism, increase strength or lean body mass through barbell exercises, decrease body fat, rehabilitate your back, improve athletic performance, or maintain functional independence as a senior, the Deadlift is a marked shortcut to that end.

To the detriment of millions, the Deadlift is infrequently used and seldom seen either by most of the exercising public and/or, believe it or not, by athletes. It might be that the Deadlift’s name has scared away the masses; its older name, “the Healthlift,” was a better choice for this perfect movement. In its most advanced application the Deadlift is prerequisite to, and a component of, “the world’s fastest lift,” the Snatch, and “the world’s most powerful lift,” the Clean; but it is also, quite simply, no more than the safe and sound approach by which any object should be lifted from the ground.

powerlifting deadlifts by mikko salo and annie thorisdottir strength and conditioningSource: CrossFit Inc
build that strength!


  1. Feet under the hips weight on the heels.
  2. Barbell in hook grip (reversed grip if you are really only Deadlifting).
  3. Activate the body: make sure your hips are not too low (less active hams, etc) and not too high (less active quads etc). Set your lower back: pull all you got towards your spine (hollow back, chest “up” and neutral face) and retract the shoulders. Remember it is a total body lift.
  4. Hold your breath while you are lifting and “explode” from start. Open all angles at the same time and keep the barbell glued to your body (pull the barbell back) during the lift.
  5. If you want to go touch and go for multiple reps exhale and inhale on top of the lift (full extension), push your butt back (close the hip) and DON’T lose tension at the bottom!

Improve your Deadlift technique

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