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Five Effective “Work IN / WorkOUT” Training Concepts from James Newbury


Finish your next swim session with this sweet burner.

Swimming workouts involve one of the best body weight exercises you can use in your training. You must maintain good control of your entire body and concentrate on your breathing.

I would highly recommend adding swimming workouts into your routine. It can be hard if there are no swimming pools around, but at least in the summer there are lakes, river and even the ocean for you to swim in.

The best thing about the Swimming Workouts is that you are already in the pool, you can keep hanging out there for the cool down and even stop in the sauna or hot tub for recovery.



Pre bed routine for a good nights sleep.

“Sleep hygiene” is the term used to describe the habits and rituals you have around bedtime and sleep. It is up to you if you practice good or bad hygiene during this time. There are several reasons why you should work on establishing good sleep hygiene that can all have hugely positive effects on your health. These habits will support a good nights sleep and prevent you from laying awake, tossing around and waking up tired and exhausted.


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