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Horvath, Vellner and Hooper Win at the 2023 Rogue Invitational

An action-packed weekend for lovers of the Rogue Invitational.

The action-packed weekend culminated with Laura Horvath and Pat Vellner winning the CrossFit championship at the 2023 Rogue Invitational. Mitchell Hooper won the Strongman division.

The top of the leaderboard changed a lot during the 4-day event for CrossFit athletes in Texas this weekend. Addler and Toomey finished event 1 on the top, on Friday it was Khrennikov and Horvath who took the lead. Saturday, it all changed again with Vellner taking over and Toomey regaining top spot.

However, what counts is the placement on the last day and that is how Vellner managed to maintain his lead ahead of Adler and Khrennikov, while Horvath won the last event to beat Tia-Clair Toomey in the standings.

2023 Rogue Invitational Final Standings


  1. Laura Horvath – 780 points
  2. Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr – 770
  3. Emma Lawson – 650
  4. Gabriela Migala – 530
  5. Alex Gazan – 590
  6. Emma Cary – 550
  7. Danielle Brandon – 540
  8. Arielle Loewen – 510
  9. Dani Speegle – 505
  10. Manon Angonese – 460
  11. Christine Kolenbrander – 455
  12. Lauren Fisher – 420
  13. Paige Powers – 405
  14. Paige Semenza – 390
  15. Emily Rolfe – 330
  16. Bethany Flores – 320
  17. Karin Freyova – 305
  18. Kyra Milligan – 295
  19. Shelby Neal – 265
  20. Elena Carratala Sanahuja – 235


  1. Pat Vellner – 660 points
  2. Jeff Adler – 640
  3. Roman Khrennikov – 610
  4. Brent Fikowski – 610
  5. Ricky Garard – 565
  6. Travis Mayer – 555
  7. Jayson Hopper – 545
  8. Dallin Pepper – 545
  9. Jay Crouch – 540
  10. Noah Ohlsen – 530
  11. Jelle Hoste – 485
  12. Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson – 475
  13. Chandler Smith – 455
  14. Lazard Dukic – 445
  15. Tudor Magda – 435
  16. Bayley Martin – 375
  17. Victor Hoffer – 360
  18. Will Moorad – 300
  19. Garrett Clark – 255
  20. Jonne Koski – 10 points (withdrawn)


  1. Mitchell Hooper – 42 points
  2. Tom Stoltman – 40
  3. Mateus Kieliszkowski – 31.5
  4. Evan Singleton – 28.5
  5. Bobby Thompson – 25.5
  6. Maxime Boudreault – 23.5
  7. Thomas Evans – 23
  8. Luke Stoltman – 22
  9. Oleksii Novikov – 21.5
  10. Trey Mitchell – 11.5

Horvath, Vellner Win 2023 Rogue Invitational

The 2023 Rogue Invitational began on Thursday afternoon with only a single event for individuals. Texas heavy comprised of running with a ruck, without one, and pulling a sled.

Tia-Clair Toomey took the win to make a big statement. This was her first official competition after giving birth to her first child Willow in May. In the men’s division, Adler finished ahead of Hoste and Khrennikov.

Although the previous CrossFit Games champions won the first event, it all changed on the second day (Friday) when two more workouts programmed were thrown at the athletes.

Garard and Khrennikov won events 2 and 3, while Alex Gazan and Laura Horvath took the win for the same events in the women’s division. At the end of the day, Khrennikov went to sleep on top of the rank with a 20-point lead ahead of Adler and Vellner. Horvath had a 5-point lead on Toomey and 45 points in front of 3rd place Gabriela Migala.

But then Saturday shifted everything again. This was the day that provided Pat Vellner his big advantage that gave him a chance to win come the end of the weekend. Although Vellner started Saturday in 3rd, he finished the day with an impressive 90-point lead ahead of Adler.

And the crazy thing is that Vellner did not win any of the 3 events on Saturday, but everything fell into place for him to keep distancing himself from the other competitors.

In the women’s division, in a cat-and-mouse game, Toomey took over Horvath again in the leaderboard with a minimum 5-point lead over the Hungarian athlete. Emma Lawson, 3rd placed when lights went out, was 90 points behind the leader.

The final day had come and the last three events would shift the women’s leaderboard once again. Horvath won event 7, but Toomey made up the difference in event 8. Before the very last event, the two athletes were tied in points in 1st place.

But Horvath left any doubts behind her. She won the final event 30 seconds ahead of Tia-Clair Toomey to claim her crown at the 2023 Rogue Invitational. Emma Lawson finished 2nd, cementing her overall 3rd place on the podium.

The men’s division was less intense, as Vellner only had to do damage control. He finished events 7, 8, and 9 in 9th, 10th and 10th, respectively. That was enough to keep him 20 points ahead of Adler. The fellow Canadian had a closer battle with Khrennikov, but event 8 and the last one solidified his silver medal.

Did you enjoy the 2023 Rogue Invitational? Do you want to know how well we, at BOXROX, guessed the main athletes that would compete this weekend? Then click on the link below.

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