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How Much Money Did Athletes Earn at the 2023 Rogue Invitational

Show me the money!

Now that the dust has settled, let’s find out how much money athletes earned after the end of the 2023 Rogue Invitational that took place this weekend.

The thrilling weekend reached its pinnacle as Laura Horvath and Pat Vellner emerged victorious, securing the CrossFit championship at the 2023 Rogue Invitational. In the Strongman division, Mitchell Hooper claimed the top spot.

Rogue Invitational is one of the biggest CrossFit competition outside the official season. That also reflects on the prize purse athletes compete for, bringing in much attention of the media and athletes themselves to do their best.

Source: Rogue Invitational Instagram

How Much Money Did Athletes Earn at the 2023 Rogue Invitational

And how much money is involved for athletes competing at the 2023 Rogue Invitational in Texas? First, remember how the prize purse was calculated?

  1. Rogue has provided a 1 million dollar cash investment.
  2. $275,000 of Bitcoin purchased at $16,000 per coin. Any growth on this coin will add to the purse and will be paid out at the valuation at the time the prize purse is locked.
  3. $5 per attendee ticket sold will be added to the purse.
  4. 10% of registration fees for the 2023 online qualifier, “The Q”
  5. 10% of registration fees for the 2023 community event, “The C”
  6. $5.00 for every Rogue Invitational T-shirt sold
  7. $5.00 for every pair of GORUCK Ballistic Trainers sold on roguefitness.com
  8. Sponsors will have the ability to make direct contributions to the purse

One interesting thing about the prize purse is that it goes up with each day because of tickets sales and shirts sales. However, if you read our article a few days before the start of the events, the prize purse totalled U$ 1, 631,595.77.

However, now, after the competition is over, the prize purse declined by almost $2,000. That is likely due to the volatility of Bitcoin. But, in the bigger picture, since the prize purse are divided by the 20 individual athletes competing in the CrossFit division and the 10 Strongman competitors, the end result for each athlete is not something to worry about.

Ultimately, the prize purse was U$1,629,676.17.

So how much money did athletes earn at the 2023 Rogue Invitational? According to Rogue’s rules, each participant took a percentage of the prize purse home with them depending on final placement.


PlacementName% of PurseFinal Payout
1Laura Horvath17.2%$280,304.30
2Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr6.0%$97,780.57
3Emma Lawson3.2%$52,149.64
4Gabriela Migala2.4%$39,112.23
5Alex Gazan1.8%$29,334.17
6Emma Cary1.6%$26,074.82
7Danielle Brandon1.4%$22,815.47
8Arielle Loewen1.2%$19,556.11
9Dani Speegle0.8%$13,037.41
10Manon Angonese0.4%$6,518.70
11Christine Kolenbrander0.4%$6,518.70
12Lauren Fisher0.4%$6,518.70
13Paige Powers0.4%$6,518.70
14Paige Semenza0.4%$6,518.70
15Emily Rolfe0.4%$6,518.70
16Bethany Flores0.4%$6,518.70
17Karin Freyova0.4%$6,518.70
18Kyra Milligan0.4%$6,518.70
19Shelby Neal0.4%$6,518.70
20Elena Carratala Sanahuja0.4%$6,518.70


PlacementName% of PurseFinal Payout
1Pat Vellner17.2%$280,304.30
2Jeff Adler6.0%$97,780.57
3Roman Khrennikov3.2%$52,149.64
4Brent Fikowski2.4%$39,112.23
5Ricky Garard1.8%$29,334.17
6Travis Mayer1.6%$26,074.82
7Jayson Hopper1.4%$22,815.47
8Dallin Pepper1.2%$19,556.11
9Jay Crouch0.8%$13,037.41
10Noah Ohlsen0.4%$6,518.70
11Jelle Hoste0.4%$6,518.70
12Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson0.4%$6,518.70
13Chandler Smith0.4%$6,518.70
14Lazard Dukic0.4%$6,518.70
15Tudor Magda0.4%$6,518.70
16Bayley Martin0.4%$6,518.70
17Victor Hoffer0.4%$6,518.70
18Will Moorad0.4%$6,518.70
19Garrett Clark0.4%$6,518.70
20Jonne Koski0.4%$6,518.70


PlacementName% of PurseFinal Payout
1Mitchell Hooper8.97%$146,159.14
2Tom Stoltman4.48%$73,079.57
3Mateus Kieliszkowski2.69%$43,848.07
4Evan Singleton0.90%$14,616.57
5Bobby Thompson0.72%$11,692.93
6Maxime Boudreault0.63%$10,231.11
7Thomas Evans0.54%$8,769.29
8Luke Stoltman0.45%$7,307.47
9Oleksii Novikov0.36%$5,845.65
10Trey Mitchell0.27%$4,385.46

2023 Rogue Invitational

When: October 26-29, 2023

Where: Dell Diamond Stadium in Round Rock, Texas, USA

How many competitors: 20 men and 20 women in the individual division

Other divisions: Not only some of the best elite CrossFit athletes will be competing, but also 10 participants go head-to-head in Strongman events, and 9 men and 7 women will take part in the Legends, a friendly CrossFit competition with names such as Rich Froning, Josh Bridges, Kari Pearce and Sam Briggs.

Missed out on the action? Watch the 2023 Rogue Invitational Livestream Here

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