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How to Build Huge Shoulders by Targeting All 3 Heads (Front, Middle and Rear)

Take your shoulders to the next level.

These excellent tips from Jeff at Athlean X will show you how to build huge shoulders by targeting all three heads.

How to Build Huge Shoulders by Targeting All 3 Heads

“If you want to get big shoulders and wider delts you have to make sure that you are doing exercises for all three heads.  In this video, I show you not just what shoulder exercises you should use to hit each of the front, middle and rear deltoids but why you should choose them.  There’s nothing like a set of wide thick shoulders to make a statement that you not only lift, but that you lift smart.”

“The front deltoids are the first area of attack in this workout.  This muscle originates from the lateral third of the clavicle and inserts in the common area of the upper arm called the deltoid tuberosity.  Based on the orientation of the muscle fibers of the anterior delt head, it makes sense that shoulder exercises that raise the arm to the front would preferentially influence this area.  Things like the dumbbell front raise and even dumbbell shoulder press are commonly used to hit the front delt.”

Muscular-shoulders-Sara-Sigmundsdottir Shoulder Exercises Ranked Worst to Best ur Shoulders Z Press Better Shoulders in 14 Days How to Build Huge Shoulders by Targeting All 3 HeadsSource: Photo Courtesy of CrossFit Inc

“That said, there is an even better way to hit this area of your shoulder if you look more closely at the orientation of the muscle.  Check out the modified front cable raise that I show you here for an even better option to help you build huge shoulders much faster.”

“Moving around to the side delts, you can see that this head originates from the acromion.  This little bump at the top of your shoulder can probably be felt if you run your fingers over the area.  From here the fibres run pretty much laterally, down the side of your arm to insert in the same place as the front delt.  This positioning allows this head to have more control over shoulder exercises that raise your arm out to the side.  Included in this group are the popular side lateral raises or side dumbbell raises, and the less common dumbbell high pulls.”

How to Build Huge Shoulders by Targeting All 3 Heads

“I even include a bodyweight only variation of the side lateral raise that helps those that are training at home and want a more effective way to build their side delts without equipment.”

“Finally, the rear delts are the most often overlooked of the three delt heads but no less important.  In order to train your rear delts you need to include exercises that either extend the arm behind your body or take it into horizontal abduction.  Exercises like seated rows or reverse flys are some of the best ways to target your rear deltoids.  That said, the face pull may be one of the absolute best rear delt exercises and should make its way into any complete rear delt workout.”

Video How to Build Huge Shoulders by Targeting All 3 Heads

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Add Nordic Curls and Reverse Hyperextensions into your training.

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