How to Get Lean Even if You Struggled for Years

Step-by-step plan.

Find out how to get lean even if you struggled for years.

Getting lean refers to the process of reducing body fat while preserving or even enhancing lean muscle mass, resulting in a more defined and toned physique. It’s a multifaceted approach that involves a combination of proper nutrition, strategic exercise, and lifestyle adjustments. Achieving leanness is not just about shedding weight; it’s about sculpting the body to reveal underlying muscle definition. This often requires entering a caloric deficit, where the body burns more calories than it consumes, prompting it to tap into stored fat for energy.

The journey to leanness goes beyond mere aesthetics; it encompasses numerous health benefits. Lowering body fat percentage contributes to improved metabolic health, reducing the risk of conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It also enhances overall mobility and agility, as carrying excess fat can impede physical performance. Getting lean involves a holistic commitment to a balanced lifestyle, incorporating mindful eating, regular exercise, and sustainable habits to ensure long-term health and vitality.

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Let’s say you’ve been trying for a while now, maybe even years, to get healthier and look better. Is there a trick on how to get lean even if you’ve struggled for years? Not exactly, but there are ways to achieve that healthier lifestyle that you should know about and that Mario Tomic talked about.

Mario Tomic is an entrepreneur who helps other busy working professionals get fit and build a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. He has a YouTube channel account with nearly 400K subscribers.

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How to Get Lean Even if You Struggled for Years

In his quest for a transformative physique, Mario Tomic emphasizes the importance of not just accumulating knowledge but channelling efforts in the right direction. In a comprehensive guide spanning the next six months, Mario unveils essential habits and tools for achieving lasting results, focusing on the mental and physical aspects of the journey.

Step 1: Cultivating the Correct Mindset

Addressing the foundational step, Mario stresses the significance of adopting the right mindset. This isn’t merely a temporary endeavour; it’s a commitment to build a new lifestyle. Mario urges individuals to embrace a healthy, fit identity mentally, making it the bedrock for future decisions. Lasting success, he insists, lies in creating a new normal and elevating personal standards.

Step 2: Nutrition Mastery

Moving to the core driver of fat loss, Mario directs attention to nutrition. He recommends a strategic approach, advocating for a protein and fibre-rich foundation in each meal. Auto-regulating carbohydrate and fat intake, limiting processed junk food, and eliminating snacking form key adjustments for a solid nutritional base. Feedback through food tracking apps is hailed as pivotal for fine-tuning dietary choices.

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Step 3: Strategic Training

Highlighting the indispensability of resistance training, Mario dispels the notion of losing body fat without it. He proposes a minimalist approach—four sessions per week, 45 minutes to an hour each, focusing on compound movements. Technique precision and a structured program geared towards continual improvement are underscored for optimal results.

Step 4: The Power of Walking

Incorporating an often overlooked yet potent tool, Mario champions the benefits of walking. With a target of seven to ten thousand steps per day, he shares personal experiences of enhanced fat loss and productivity. Walking, according to Mario, isn’t just an exercise; it’s a transformative habit that positively impacts various facets of life.

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Step 5: Setting Up a Tracking System

Recognizing the importance of understanding one’s progress, Mario introduces the concept of a fat loss tracking system. Weekly weight averages, waist measurements, and training performance are the metrics he advises tracking. By interpreting the interplay of these factors, individuals can discern whether they’re losing body fat, retaining water, or potentially losing muscle mass.

In essence, Mario Tomic’s six-month transformation plan is a holistic roadmap encompassing mindset, nutrition, training, daily habits, and tracking systems. By navigating these steps, individuals embark on a journey not only to achieve a lean physique but to cultivate a sustainable, healthier lifestyle.

For an explanation on how to get lean even if you struggled for years from Tomic himself, watch the video below.

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